The 2020 Yule Ball will take place at the John P. Holt Brentwood Library on Feb. 1.

Tickets for the all-ages Harry Potter-inspired social event will be $10 for a single wizard ticket and $30 for a family ticket. 

The annual Yule Ball will take place at 6 p.m., with dress robe attire. Attendees are asked to please leave toads at home.

Yule Ball 2020

The magical night is presented by the Brentwood Library’s Harry Potter Alliance, a group that according to their website, encourages millions of fans to improve the global community through social activism.

This year proceeds raised will benefit Gentry's Educational Foundation, which according to their official Facebook page, is a grassroots movement created to offer children in Franklin, the opportunity to enrich their lives through education and mentoring. 

HPA Prefect Sydney Dooley-Smith said that the night will include Harry Potter themed food, a photo booth, a DJ and quiet areas for those seeking a break from the excitement.  

Dooley-Smith added that that HPA chose to support Gentry's Educational Foundation after her personal experience in boosting reading through the program.

In addition to a variety of wizarding wonders, the Yule Ball will also feature an Art Tournament at Tri-Band Tournament. 

Harry Potter Alliance logo

Submissions for physical art will be accepted from Jan. 20 to Jan. 31 and must be dropped off at the library circulation desk. 

Submissions for the Tri-Band Tournament have also been extended until January 20.

The grand prize for the Art Tournament is $100, while the grand prize for the Tri-Band Tournament will be the opportunity to perform as the opening act at the 2020 Brentwood Summer Concert Series.

The HPA chapter is The Chamber of Knowledge, and membership is open to muggles and wizards alike aged 6-106. More information about HPA including purchasing Yule Ball tickets or how to become a member can be found here.