Williamson County Schools has unveiled its list of 2021 WillCos nominees, highlighting the best of county sports. 

The ceremony will take place June 15 at The Factory at Franklin, with an in-person event returning after last year's virtual format due to COVID-19. The red carpet will begin at 5:30 p.m., while the ceremony will start at 7. 

Below are this year's nominees, courtesy of WCS. 


Blake Bevis, Ravenwood

Hunter Davis, Fairview

Lucas Kocian, Ravenwood

Ethan McElvain, Nolensville

Girls Basketball

McKenzie Cochran, Page

Kate O’Neil, Franklin

Amelia Osgood, Brentwood

Lili Wilken, Page

Boys Basketball

Nick Dang, Ravenwood

Reed Kemp, Franklin

Kennedy Pendergrass, Fairview

John Windley, Brentwood

Girls Bowling

Molly Austin, Brentwood

Riley Garretson, Franklin

Rachel Johnson, Franklin

Maddie Yates, Franklin

Boys Bowling

Brian Keener, Franklin

Jake Littlejohn, Centennial

Frankie Negron, Centennial

Drew Whalen, Franklin

Girls Cross Country

Alyssa Andrea, Fairview

Jayne Halterman, Independence

Kaitlyn Vanderkolk, Brentwood

Leigh Walters, Page

Boys Cross Country

Nick Beattie, Nolensville

Hudson Hurst, Franklin

Ryan Keeton, Fairview

Kevin Vanderkolk, Brentwood

Football (Defense)

Junior Colson, Ravenwood

John Howse, Brentwood

Caleb Jolley, Summit

Grant Reeder, Nolensville

Football (Offense)

Connor Beavon, Franklin

Jaxson Campbell, Independence

Destin Wade, Summit

Walker Merrill, Brentwood

Football Player of the Year

Connor Beavon, Franklin

Jake Briningstool, Ravenwood

Cade Granzow, Brentwood

Destin Wade, Summit

Girls Golf

Brooke Brummett, Brentwood

Sophia DiPaolo, Franklin

Shelly Jang, Ravenwood

Claudette Runk, Summit

Boys Golf

Harrison Akers, Franklin

Colin Alexander, Ravenwood

Grant Clark, Page

Troup Wallace, Brentwood

Girls Soccer

Meghan Carlson, Centennial

Nora Henderson, Ravenwood

Emma Shields, Franklin

Maison Wells, Brentwood

Boys Soccer

Nick Dang, Ravenwood

Grayson Dugan, Page

Ryan Hayes, Brentwood

Bradley Whelan, Franklin


Elena Escobar, Summit

Josey Polk, Page

Morgan Salmon, Brentwood

Avery Wissmar, Ravenwood

Girls Tennis

Kaitlin Ly, Brentwood

Lisa Messier, Franklin

Grace Stout, Ravenwood

Lauren Terry, Fairview

Boys Tennis

Skylar Cronk-Polston, Fairview

Patrick Delves, Ravenwood

Donovan Janicek, Brentwood

Jackson Stone, Ravenwood

Girls Track

Elise Dobson, Nolensville

Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood

Hollan Powers, Brentwood

Leigh Walters, Page 

Boys Track

Ryan Keeton, Fairview

Patrick Lama, Franklin

Gabriel Robinson, Ravenwood

Sam Sullivan, Brentwood 


Destiny Cherry, Summit

Shaye Eggleston, Brentwood

Charley Fulton, Nolensville

Lauren Starcke, Nolensville

Girls Wrestling

Nevaeh Brinson, Summit

Livia Kelingos-Spain, Fairview

Erica Moore, Brentwood

Baylee Peterson, Independence

Boys Wrestling

Alex Ables, Centennial

Riley Bennett, Fairview

Riley Lippincott, Nolensville

Tanner Willett, Independence

Female Athlete of the Year

Shaye Eggleston, Brentwood

Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood

Hollan Powers, Brentwood

Leigh Walters, Page

Male Athlete of the Year

Riley Bennett, Fairview

Nick Dang, Ravenwood

Reed Kemp, Franklin

Destin Wade, Summit

Female Sports Coach of the Year

Barbara Campbell, Brentwood Volleyball

Jessica Mancini, Ravenwood Soccer

Jenny Stevenson, Summit Softball

Brett Young, Nolensville Volleyball

Male Sports Coach of the Year

Nate Clapp, Page Soccer

Brian Coleman, Summit Football

Ron Crawford, Brentwood Football

Bubba Derrick, Fairview Wrestling

Female Sports Team of the Year

Brentwood Track

Brentwood Volleyball

Nolensville Volleyball

Ravenwood Soccer

Male Sports Team of the Year

Brentwood Football

Fairview Wrestling

Ravenwood Tennis

Summit Football


Maggie Carlisle, Summit

Abby Jordan, Brentwood

Laurel McLaughlin, Ravenwood

Jessie Mei Merrill, Franklin


Addie Bonner, Brentwood

Kat Burchell, Centennial

Olivia Pottmeyer, Ravenwood

Media Student of the Year

Stuart Beaton, Brentwood

Rien Griggs, Page

Sarah Scott Cook, Franklin

Sam Wilde, Independence

Other awards to be announced that night: 

WCS Sports Conference Student Athlete of the Year

Multi-sport Athlete of The Year

John Maher Builders Sportsmanship Award

WCS Sports Conference Sponsor of the Year

WCS Sports Conference Courage Award

WCS Sports Conference Directors Cup, Division I

WCS Sports Conference Directors Cup, Division II

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