The AMG Ketamine & Wellness center, a new alternative for patients who have not found an effective treatment for depression, painPTSD, OCD and other conditions, has opened in Cool Springs at 1909 Mallory Lane, Suite 300 in Franklin. 

Ketaminean anesthetic drug that has been safely administered by anesthesiologists since 1970has been proven highly effective in managing these conditions, either individually or when they appear together. It works differently than antidepressantsopioids or alternative treatments, and can provide relief of symptoms in many patients within days of initiating treatment.  

For those suffering from chronic pain, ketamine can also reduce or even eliminate their need for opioids. 

The center is affiliated with Anesthesia Medical Group (AMG), one of the largest physician-led anesthesia practices in the U.S. 

Two types of ketamine treatments are available — intravenous (I.V.) infusion and SpravatoTM, a nasal spray in smaller doses — which are both administered on-site at the center over a series of visits. 

Because ketamine is a powerful FDA-controlled anesthetic drug, safety is the prime concern. While some other clinics rely on physicians without anesthesia training— or even nurses and technicians — to administer ketamine and other associated sedatives, our treatments are always managed by board-certified anesthesiologists,” said Dr. Randall Malchow, medical director of the center and a recognized U.S. expert on ketamine administration.  

Additionally, anesthesiologists have the training and experience to safely administer higher — and often more effective — doses of ketamine, along with other medications to mitigate side effects, to meet each patient’s unique needs.  “A greater percentage of our patients will experience relief and often can go longer periods between maintenance infusions, saving them money and inconvenience,” said Dr. Malchow. 

Patients must be referred by a physician. For more information and a free assessment, call (615) 813-5006, email [email protected] or visit 

This article is sponsored by PhyMed Healthcare Group.

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