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William Metcalf


William Metcalf, son of Madelene and Bryan Metcalf, is a senior at Currey Ingram Academy and this week’s Athlete of the Week. He competes in Esports, specifically League of Legends and tennis.

In the first Esports match of the year, Metcalf earned the title of Player of the Match. This means that he got the best rating of the game. He said, “I love being able to support my teammates and fill whatever role is needed to get a win.”

Metcalf said he has always enjoyed gaming. He said he enjoys the chance “to enter into a story and compete with different characters, no matter the game.” 

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing  he said, “I enjoy competing with teammates and they inspire me to be the best. If I am not working to improve, I know I won’t be what my team needs me to be.” 

League of Legends Head Coach James Hayden said of Metcalf, “William jumped in head first when we started our League of Legends team. He has become an integral part of CIA’s League of Legends success, as he plays in a support role for the team. He has shined so far this season, and earned a great rating, helping the team win its first preseason match in dominating fashion.”

One of his top role models in life is his brother. “I am inspired by his work ethic and how he is always striving to learn how to be the best he can be at whatever he does,” he said.

Metcalf describes himself as funny, smart and caring. When he’s not competing, he enjoys doing puzzles, building and woodworking. 

After graduating from Currey Ingram, he plans to go to college to study engineering. One day he hopes to be a civil engineer.

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