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All it takes is a seat at a Battle of the Woods game to understand how special and extravagant Williamson County sports are. 

Pick your sport: football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, you name it. When Brentwood and Ravenwood go head-to-head, anything can happen, and everyone shows up. 

My first Battle of the Woods experience was in fall of 2018, a football game at Ravenwood where the Bruins pulled off a shocking upset over the high-flying Raptors. The atmosphere was like something you’d see on ESPN  stands on both sides were packed. 

Lawn chairs were strewn on the outskirts of the field, spectators were leaning on the gates, kids playing in the end zone, student sections were cheering and Bruins and Raptors pads were hitting. 

Even from the press box, it was an electric scene fit for College Gameday. And it’s what you’ll usually find on any given Friday night in Williamson County, no matter what team you cheer for or what game you decide to check in on. 

This certainly isn’t limited to our WillCo Football coverage, either. Check out a gym for Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Fairview and Spring Hill games, or soccer stands during the playoffs.
See how quickly the Nolensville community has rallied around its teams, or how many fans will travel to see Summit play for a state title in Cookeville. 

We have weekly features on our Athletes of the Week and Students of the Week both brought to you by local businesses.

Our fans even love following players after they ascend to the next level. For example, one local, Grant Teichmann, alum had a scary time getting home from playing pro basketball abroad in Germany.
No matter where you are or what sport you play, Williamson County is a special community for preps athletics and always will be. It’s part of what drives Williamson Home Page’s overall mission to cover the county. 

It’s been our goal since the Home Pages started in 2009 to be there for as many games as we can, tell as many stories about our student-athletes as we can, share as many game photos as we can and report as much news as we can to make WillCo sports just as discussed and covered as any community of athletics in the state. 

But as we all know, times are changing, and they’re changing fast.   

Baseball and softball diamonds, soccer pitches, tracks and lacrosse fields across the county are empty as students across the county are barred from participating in high school sports. 

And as a company, we’re working now to recoup the revenue we’ve lost in wake of the coronavirus, and one of the last things we want is for this crisis to put a stop to a decade-plus of the Home Page’s free sports coverage in our county. 

We need your help, now more than ever, to keep our consistent coverage of the county’s sports going. We are humbly grateful and owe a sincere thank you to the over 100 readers who have already become members. 

Being a Home Page member means that you’re supporting the coverage of our county’s sports. It means that you’re ensuring that there will be photos of the game you might’ve missed or a story of the one you’d love to relive. 

It means, when sports do return, there won’t be a lack of reporters and photographers at the county’s many games. 

It means you’re doing your part to keep our county a premiere destination for preps sports coverage in the state, if not country. 

We’re not sure when preps sports will return to the county, but we want, more than anything, to be there when it does. 

Save us a seat, and please consider becoming a member of the Home Page Community today. 


Cory Woodroof | Assistant Editor 
Nolensville photo: Carl Edmondson, Jr. 
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