Filip Forsberg

If general manager David Poile is to be taken at his word, there’s a better chance than not that star forward Filip Forsberg re-signs with the Nashville Predators during the offseason.

Forsberg, who finished the final season of his six-year, $36 million contract this year, told reporters the goal is to come back to Nashville next year, but also remarked that the business side of things is completely separate from his admiration for the organization.

During his end-of-season press conference on Thursday, Poile didn’t really offer much new information about the ongoing negotiations with Forsberg and his agent J.P. Barry. However, he did disclose that parts of a no-movement clause has been discussed, noting that it was an "important part" of any potential Forsberg extension.

For reference, in his 24 years as Predators GM, Poile has only ever given a no-movement clause to two players — Pekka Rinne and Roman Josi.

“I wish [a deal] was done,” Poile said. “I’ve worked with his agent a lot, my control was to trade him or not trade him before the deadline, and I truly believe that Filip wants to play here. Maybe he wants to go to free agency to see what’s out there, I can’t prevent him from doing that.

“I can only put my best foot forward, and apparently my best foot forward is just dollars. … I always say we’re almost there; we’ve got everything done but we haven’t agreed on how much we want to pay him. I think all it is, if we got to a number that is satisfactory, then he would sign here.”

Poile is on record stating he and Forsberg aren’t that far off and that they agree on the terms of everything but his actual salary number.

The Predators are likely offering a contract similar to the one Sebastian Aho signed with the Carolina Hurricanes — five years, just south of $8.5 million per year — while Forsberg is likely seeking a deal closer to the one Mikko Rantanen signed with the Colorado Avalanche — six years, $9.16 million per year.

“We have clearly conveyed that we want [to re-sign Forsberg],” Poile added. “… Without getting into too much detail, I would hope that you would think and believe that we have a plan B, C, D if this was not to work. But for today, and for the next month or as long as it takes, we're going to concentrate on getting Filip signed.”

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