Barre3 Brentwood Ribbon Cutting

Brentwood community and business leaders joined Williamson Inc. in welcoming Barre3 during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday. 

Barre3 provides functional workouts in three fitness disciplines including ballet barre, pilates and yoga, where according to their website, they aim to build lean muscles, a strong core, and long-term postural benefits.

The ceremony was attended by about 40 people who welcomed the new fitness center to the Brentwood business community and included a variety of foods and drinks as well as free grand opening classes that were held throughout the day. 

“This is absolutely fantastic and I don’t know that we’ve had this type of ribbon cutting for this type of business in Brentwood and I just think it’s wonderful,” Nancy Conway, Senior VP of Community Relations for Williamson Inc. said.

Studio owners Jessie Ganick and Francie Fisher Corcoran said that they are more than just a fitness center, serving as a community of friends and supporters that they hope to grow through Barre3. 

“We have brought this dream to life because of this amazing community,” Corcoran said. “The people here today are truly incredible and all of you inspire s so much each and every day.” 

Ganick, a Brentwood native, said that she found Barre3 while she was a student at the University of Tennessee, something that transformed her life and led her to wanting to own a studio in her hometown.

“This is just a wonderful place,” Ganick said. “You walk out feeling not only more balanced in your body but empowered from within and ready to kind of take on the world.”

More information about Barre3 Brentwood including class schedules and pricing can be found here.

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