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A second showing of the Emmy Award-winning film “The Battle of Franklin” was recently announced for Sunday, Nov. 10, at the Franklin Theatre.

The first show at 5 p.m. is nearly sold out. The second screening will start at 8 p.m. The program will include a discussion on the battle, the film and preservation efforts, followed by the showing of the 74-minute documentary on the battle. 

The film’s director and producer, Robert Lee Hodge of East Nashville, said that it is only the sixth time the film has been shown in Franklin on the big screen. 

“It is always great to share this Emmy Award-winning project with an audience from Franklin,” Hodge said. Much of the footage was shot there — at Carnton, The Carter House and the cemeteries. Making the film was a dream come true.” 

The annual showing of Hodge’s documentary has generated upwards of $8,000 for Franklin battlefield preservation.

A Booklist review stated that Hodge’s film is ". . . an exceptional program for both students and Civil War buffs . . . worthy to be alongside filmmaker Ken Burns' acclaimed ‘The Civil War.’ ”

Robert Hicks, author of “Widow of the South,” said, “The film very much captures the emotion that I would envision was felt at the Battle of Franklin.” 

Tickets for the second showing are $20 and can be purchased through the Franklin Theatre website:, or call 615-538-2076. One-third of the ticket’s sales will go toward preservation efforts at the Franklin battlefield.

Historian Eric Jacobson said of the documentary, “It is a timeless representation of this important event in our history, and never fails to evoke a multitude of emotions.  From the musical score, to the re-enactment footage, to the careful way in which accounts of the battle are interwoven, the film never lags.  The opening scenes are exceptionally 

Longtime historian Thomas Cartwright added, “This Emmy award-winning DVD truly does justice to Franklin. The scenes depicted herein are as close as anyone will ever wish to be to that vortex of hell.”

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