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Battle Ground Academy students will stay home the rest of the week as the school waits to learn results of tests being conducted on two students for coronavirus.

According to Head of Schools Will Kesler, classes for the next three days will be held online. The school was closed Tuesday "out of an abundance of caution" because a member of its senior class is being tested for coronavirus.

Here is the complete statement released by the school late Tuesday afternoon.

"BGA Community,

This afternoon has brought news that makes the following decision an easier one.  We will have school through the delivery of online assignments for the remainder of the week.

Two pieces have come to us.  First, it appears we will not know the results of our Upper School student’s test until tomorrow morning at the earliest.  And, in the meantime, we have been notified by the family of a second, unrelated student that a test is being done today. We find ourselves in a similar position to the one last evening, not being able to open confidently without compromising the health and safety of our students and families.

That said, because we will be out tomorrow, we feel it is better to have a consistent online experience for the next three days rather than attempting to pull students back to school in the last day or two before Spring Break should all the tests come back negative.

Please know, however, that the delivery and experience of the online assignments for the next three days will be very different than what students and families can expect in the case of an extended closure after Spring Break.  In that scenario, more robust and interactive, class-like experiences can be expected.

Division heads will follow-up with families this evening with division-specific information.

The school has no way of knowing how widespread the contact between the two students above and others at the school may have been, and of course, at this time we do not know of any infection.  Privacy rules prohibit us from sharing any information about a student without the family’s consent or permission. We have asked the two families to please be in touch with others who may have been in contact with their children.  Additionally, we encourage families to let their divisional offices know if their child has been recommended to receive a test for the coronavirus.

We recognize that this may present a hardship for some families.  I only ask that you consider the safety and health of all of our students, and that you join me in hoping for negative test results for all involved.

Thank you,

Will Kesler"

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