The Los Angeles Rams won't have to worry about top cornerback Jalen Ramsey being absent from the team this summer. 

The former Brentwood Academy Eagle and 2016 first-round NFL Draft pick signaled that, despite being in line for a major contract extension, he'll be present for the opening of the Rams' training camp in July, per ESPN

The Rams acquired Ramsey last fall before the trade deadline from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for draft picks. The move came with assumptions that LA would sign Ramsey to a new deal. 

"I can't really worry about that," Ramsey said about the deal negotiations, per ESPN. "I just control what I got to worry about right now. I feel like everybody knew what type of situation it was gonna be once they traded for me, so I think it doesn't really need to be talked about that much. It'll get handled."

His contract situation became a source of intrigue last summer when Ramsey arrived to Jaguars training camp in an armored car. It was a pretty big hint to Jacksonville that he wanted his new contract sooner than later. 

The Jags opted to trade the corner, known as one of the best in the NFL and a notoriously confident on-field presence, instead. 

It does not appear for now that any such drama is in store for Ramsey and Los Angeles. 

Ramsey is poised to become the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL when the time comes, which could put him at making roughly $17 million per season. 

New Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay is the leader right now in the NFL with a deal that averages about $16.7 million a year, per OTC. The website shows that new Miami Dolphins CB Byron Jones' five-year, $82.5 million deal is a good barometer for what Ramsey will be angling for, likely one just a bit higher in the overall sum and yearly average. 

"The Rams know where I stand," Ramsey said of the pending extension, per ESPN. "I think that's all that matters at the end of the day. It will be handled. They know where I stand. They've been in contact with my agent. They're on the same page as my agent."

He is making $13 million this season with the Rams on the fifth-year extension of his rookie deal. 

The Rams already pay superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald a hefty fee for his services (he takes up $25 million of the team's 2020 cap space), so extending Ramsey would put another high-priced defender on its salary roll for the long-term. 

The Rams have Williamson County ties past Ramsey, with former Ravenwood receiver Van Jefferson drafted in the second round by LA in April.

Rams coach Sean McVay indicated that the team has Ramsey in its plans, but wants to keep him responsibly. 

"The anticipation was to acquire him with the hope that he's a Ram for a long time," McVay said via ESPN. "You want to figure out, 'How do we get him taken care of the way that he deserves and still make sure we're mindful of the entire team?'"

If no deal is struck, Ramsey would be a free agent in March 2021.

Ramsey's former BA teammate Derek Barnett, a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, will likely be trying to find a new deal in Philly next year when he enters the fifth-year option on his deal, which the Eagles picked up this spring. 

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