Brentwood Academy began preseason conditioning for football on Wednesday, hoping that the season will go on as scheduled this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The TSSAA canceled spring sports due to COVID-19 in mid-April.

BA will work out in smaller groups than normal as a precaution.

“It will be significantly modified, but we’ll get them all there,” Eagles coach Cody White said. “It will be very small groups outside. We’re going to take temperature checks.”

BA will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Tennessee Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force guidelines.

“(The players) are separated spatially, so we’ll keep them away from each other and we won’t be doing any high fives or that kind of stuff,” White said. “A football field is a pretty big space, so we can comfortably fit a lot of people and still maintain our distances.”

The weight room groups will be small and there will be cleaning with disinfectant solutions between groups.

“We’ll have a remote options if their parents want them to continue to stay at home,” White said.

BA is coming off an injury-plagued 6-4 season. It was the most injuries one of White’s teams ever suffered.

“I just remember, it might have been the Knox Catholic game, of the 22 starting spots that we had in the first game, we had 13 of those guys left,” White said. “We were missing (nine) of them. Now some of those guys were two-way starters. It was one of those years.”

Christ Presbyterian Academy coach Ingle Martin is optimistic that there will be a season.

“I think the biggest question that everyone is asking is how do we do this and do it safely and respectfully,” Martin said. “And making sure that we get back to as normal a life as we possibly can without endangering people.”

CPA is scheduled to begin conditioning June 8 in accordance with phase three of Metro Nashville’s reopening plan.

“I don’t know that the big questions are going to be answered until that Monday after Fourth of July when everyone typically starts their non-padded practices,” Martin said. “And then obviously I think it’s July 27 when two-days would start in full pads. Those two days are coming quick.”

CPA will initially limit its work stations to nine players and one coach as a precaution during conditioning.

One of the big changes will be players having their temperatures taken before workouts.

Martin has been doing a lot of Zoom meetings to stay in contact with his players.

The Lions took second in Division II-AA after going 7-7 last year.

Martin is hopeful for another strong showing.

“Every year that we’ve been doing this, our senior class, they are the ones that propel us,” Martin said. “I know that we’re going to have a really good group of kids that are going to be seniors. They’re texting me and the other coaches about what they’re doing.” 

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