The Brentwood Academy Lady Eagles girls soccer team had a streak to uphold against Lipscomb Academy as they had not let in any goals in the last three games coming into the game.

The Eagles held on to that streak with a 4-0 win Tuesday night at LA thanks to their backline who shut down most of the Lady Mustangs chances before they were able to do any damage.

BA’s girls soccer team this season has nine seniors listed on their active roster with a good number of them in the starting lineup. Brentwood Academy coach Laura Eldridge said that it was experience that lead to the success of her defense.

“We have a really strong backline," said Eldridge. “Our two center backs and outside backs have been playing together here for a little bit and have really gotten used to playing off of each other. It was really fun to watch.”

The game started off fairly defensive on both sides with some semblance of chances early, but nothing that would reach the back of the net.

It wasn’t until the 20th minute of the first half before any goals were scored. Senior Nolyn Bartholomew netted a goal from a great cross in the area with a nice finish in front of the net to give the Eagles a 1-0 lead in the first half.

A few minutes later, Teya Tagatouli had a laser of a shot from outside the box into the top corner to give the Lady Eagles their second goal.

Lipscomb Academy would have some good chances before halftime, but nothing would come of them as they went into the break down two goals.

LA had a good start to the second half, with a breakaway chance in the opening minutes. However, it would be ruled offside once they got into the goalie box.  

Seniors Jasmine Swain and Taylor Butler would score the final two goals of the game for the Lady Eagles as all seniors contributed to scoring for BA.

Lipscomb would get a few more chances, but once again the BA defense stopped them right in their tracks as the Lady Mustangs fell to the Lady Eagles.

Eldridge was complimentary of her team's effort. 

“I thought we really improved on some of the aspects that we’ve been working on the training field, finding our targets.” said Eldridge. “We did a really good job on that this evening and I’m excited to use that moving forward this season.”

Coach Ryan Bouch for Lipscomb Academy talked about his team's growth with a younger roster. 

“I think we’re a young team, but we’re not gonna make any excuses for that," said Bouch. “Eventually we’ve gotta get over that threshold. I think that we just know that we’ve got to believe, and we’re spirited enough to know that we can get over that hurdle to compete better and just to be a little bit smarter in terms of soccer.

"I’m very pleased with the focus and attitude of a very young team.”

Lipscomb keeps a winning record despite the loss, moving to 4-3, and BA moves above .500 as this win puts them at a 3-2 record. BA gets its first region win, while Lipscomb is still looking for its first.

Despite the loss, Bouch says that his team will be ready for Gallatin on Thursday away from home.

“We’re gonna practice hard in terms of our positional play and try to correct our mistakes in a positive manner and just really go for it," he said. 

BA’s Coach Eldridge says that they are going to be working more on their possession game in preparation for their against Harpeth Hall Thursday. 

“We’re gonna continue working on our possession and we’re also gonna build into that final third and see if we can be a little more dangerous inside the box and out," she said. 

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