Eight Brentwood Academy Robotics Teams will soon be Texas-bound for the 2022 Vex Robotics World Championship this spring.

This past weekend, Brentwood Academy hosted more than 1,000 students and spectators for the K-12 Robotics State Championship, including 132 teams.

According to a news release, the BA Iron Eagles qualified a record eight teams and now 35 students will represent BA in the 2022 Vex Worlds Championship which will take place from May 3-12 in Dallas, Texas. 

Those students include seniors Patrick Melton, Gus Elliott and Andrew Bianchi; juniors Sam Hyatt, Jonathan Clark, Jake Barker, Drew Collignon, Elliot Lovins, RJ Freeman, Elizabeth Powell, Lauren White, Devon Lewis, Nathan Lumsdaine and Ristow McClintock; sophomores Campbell Edgeworth, Parker Barton, Sedona Lee, Tate Cho, Reagan McMullen, James Hunter, Emily Melton, Alex Nguyen, Anna Grace Wooten, Than Mather, Nate Berman, Katie Conley and Noah Wells; freshman Jake Widmaier and middle schoolers Isaac Shapiro, Austin Graham, Greg Baltimore, Henry Hill, Sam Wells, Eva Marie Bonnafous and Jameson Barbat.

"BA was honored to host the tournament this year, and we are especially appreciative to the volunteers who pitched in from all across the state. Robotics allows all students to grow as engineers, designers, programmers, teammates and as lifelong learners," State Tournament Director and Brentwood Academy Robotics coach Tina Finley said in the news release. 

"As a coaching staff, we are incredibly proud and so excited for our 8 World Championship Qualifying teams." 

This past weekend's event saw representatives from a dozen colleges, universities and service academies as well as tournament partner, the United States Space Force, which presented the Brentwood Academy Robotics program with a Space Force Tool Box.

Nashville-based Animax Designs also assisted with the tournament along with the Greater Nashville Technology Council and sponsors Acumen Technology, Pinnacle Financial Partners and Batelle.