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Brentwood Academy Singers.

The Brentwood Academy Singers opened for the Nashville Symphony on Sunday evening as part of Brentwood's 2022 Summer Concert Series, one of their biggest public performances to date and the last performance for a group for seven seniors.

While it was the last performance for some, the performance displayed the level of talent, hard work and camaraderie of the Brentwood Singers to a few students who will soon join the group and attended the performance on Sunday at the invitation of Brentwood Academy Singers Director David Wise.

"They just bring everything to the table," Wise said of his outgoing "superstar" senior performers. "So to be able to kind of pass the torch at this kind of event is really special."

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Brentwood Academy Singers.

Four of those now-alumni spoke with the Home Page about the role that the Brentwood Academy Singers has played in their lives and the impact of this performance.

"I've been in the group for four years now and this is kind of our final thing with all of us together, so it's just really cool that we get to perform at such a cool venue with a cool crowd and opening for such a well-known group," Brooks Brown said. "It's an honor to be here."

And for some like Kelsey Rae Everman, the music and performing isn't stopping with graduation or this concert.

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Nashville Symphony.

It's truly a family," Everman said. "Because of Mr. Wise and this group, I'm going on to pursue music as a career, and without this group or the people in this group, none of that would be possible."

The group performed a variety of songs from Kirk Franklin's "Love Theory," to Queen's "Somebody to Love," drawing applause from the crowd of hundreds at Brentwood's Crockett Park.

"Every single time that we're able to sing for a different crowd, we're able to create something special for them and that just never gets old to be able to bring something new and interesting to an audience and to be able to showcase what we're able to do, and the message the music brings, because it's not just what the music is saying, it's really about what the music makes you feel," Annagrace Rawls said.

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Hundreds gathered at Crockett Park on Sunday, June 12, 2022, for Brentwood's second Summer Concert Series performance of the year.

"Singing as a group is more that the blend is right and you're doing your job because everyone else is so talented," Brayden Watkins added. "It's amazing that we have the capabilities to do so. I'm so blessed."

More information about the Brentwood Academy Singers can be found here while more information about the Brentwood Summer Concert Series can be found here.