The Brentwood City Commission adopted their budget for fiscal year 2021 during their June 22 meeting, noting a loss of revenue from the COIVD-19 pandemic but anticipating sustained day-to-day services throughout 2021.

According to the city, the net expenditures for the all funds totals $92,183,930, a .06% or $57,435 decrease from the current fiscal year 2020 budget due impacts from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pre-COVID-19, the city saw local option sales tax revenue up 12.5% compared to fiscal year 2019 and for the first eight months of the current fiscal year.

As businesses across Brentwood shut down for several weeks, the city now estimates a loss in overall revenue of approximately $1.5 million during the current fiscal year.

In response, the city reduced original projected revenues for next year by over $1 million, but officials do not anticipate the loss to impact daily services. Instead they do expect delays in scheduling of some larger capital projects across the city. 

“While the City has traditionally taken a very conservative approach to budgeting, the uncertain times we find ourselves in today dictate that the proposed FY 2021 budget be even more conservative than normal. This will impact our ability to provide employee pay adjustments and pursue other service enhancements," City Manager Kirk Bednar said in the City Commission's May 14 work session.

According to a news release, however, the balanced budget provides funding for one new technology position, full funding for the City’s pension and debt service obligations and new operating costs for the Brentwood Police Headquarters that is scheduled to open in the spring, as well as previously scheduled equipment replacement and new radio system maintenance costs. 

The city will also see no change to the property tax rate, which will remain at 36 cents for 2021, a trend that has continued for nearly three decades.

The adopted capital budget provides funding for several large projects, including the planning and preliminary design for an inclusive playground in Granny White Park, the opening of the new Brentwood Police Department Headquarters, the design of the new Fire Station #5 on Split Log Road and the final payment towards the purchase of land for the future Windy Hill Park on Old Smyrna Road. 

The city's entire budget and a condensed overview of the budget can be found online.