Mike Glenn Author Talk

The Brentwood Baptist Church will host an Alzheimer's and dementia discussion with a local pastor and author on Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. 

The event will take place in Brentwood Baptist Church’s Hudson Hall where Senior Pastor Mike Glenn will share stories about his personal journey in caring for his mother as she struggled with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Glenn released his book, “Coffee With Mom: Caring for a Parent with Dementia,” in June and will discuss how he struggled with wanting to help her but not always knowing how. 

Glenn often had morning coffee with his mother in the nursing home during her four-year battle with Alzheimer’s and dementia. He published quotes from their sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking conversations on Twitter and found that his stories resonated with others going through similar journeys with their loved ones. 

Glenn says writing "Coffee with Mom" was one of the ways he dealt with his own grief, but he also wrote it in hopes that readers walking a similar journey would find a few laughs, realize they’re not alone, and find the courage to do the best they can.  

“I wrote 'Coffee with Mom' because my mom is funny and tough. Growing up with her made me the man I am; taking care of her was the most difficult and joyful experience of my life. She continued to fashion me into the man she wanted me to be, even when she was too sick to make sense of it all. Come on the journey with my mom, and you’ll find your own journey there as well,” Glenn said in a news release. 

Congregational Care Minister Ken Corr will interview Glenn and ask him questions that audience members can submit.  

Resources for caregivers will be available, as well as the ability to connect with support groups. 

Senior Adult Minister Gayle Haywood will also be on-site to help guide and direct those connections. 

A pre-signed copy of the book can be purchased at BrentwoodBaptist.com/mikeglenn and pick it up at the event. Unsigned copies will also be available for purchase the evening of the event.  

To learn more about Brentwood Baptist and each of its regional campuses, please visit BrentwoodBaptist.com.

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