Community members and Church leaders cut the ribbon at Brentwood Baptist Church's Rowen Glenn Center.

Brentwood Baptist Church held a ribbon cutting event on Sunday for its newest addition, the Rowen Glenn Center, which is dedicated to the needs of special needs children, adults and families. 

Hundreds of community members gathered for the event that saw the opening of the 16,000 square foot, $6.5 million facility. The congregation currently includes around 100 families with special needs members, and the project began just over two years ago.

Brentwood Baptist Church Rowen Glenn Center

Brentwood Baptist Church's Rowen Glenn Center.

The building is named after 4-year-old Rowen Glenn, the granddaughter of Senior Pastor Mike Glenn.

“Everybody is created in the image of God, everybody deserves to be loved and celebrated and cherished for who they are, and for what they bring to the greater family and the greater community,” Glenn said. “And as a grandparent of a special needs child, I can tell you my life would be so much poorer if Rowen wasn’t a part of it.”


Brentwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor Mike Glenn introduces his granddaughter Rowen Glenn, the namesake of the new Rowen Glenn Center during a ribbon cutting ceremony that featured additional remarks by Senior Executive Pastor Stan Breeden (Left) and Special Needs Minister Tiffany McCullough (Right.)

“The church saw the need, that special needs families need to come to a church where they feel that they belong, that they’re valued, where they can be connected, and where their kids can feel safe and taken care of,” Special Needs Minister Tiffany McCullough said. “It takes an army to do something like this, and we are incredibly grateful. I think when you see the families walk in and you see their faces, their reactions and just the relief on their parents and caregivers faces, you know you’ve done exactly what God wanted you to do.”

The center includes interactive classrooms for children and adults, a home arts area with a kitchen and laundry room, art studio with a kiln and sensory room, as well as a new playground which is expected to be operational at the end of the month, all specifically designed for people with special needs.


Rowen Glenn is reflected in a mirror in the sensory room.

“This is going to be life-changing to Rowen and other special needs children as well,” Rowen’s mother, Nan Glenn said, as she and her husband Craig pushed Rowen in a swing inside of the sensory room.

“We will also be able to provide respite nights for families through the week and evenings, we’ll be able to provide adult programs throughout the week, so we’re still kind of setting up what all of that will look like, but there will be multiple different opportunities that we’ll have,” Senior Executive Pastor Stan Breeden said. 


Community members tour the newly opened Rowen Glenn Center in Brentwood Baptist Church.

More information about the Rowen Glenn Center and Brentwood Baptist Church’s Special Needs Ministry can be found here.