Alyson Poling Fitness will soon launch a new brand concentrated on the wellness spectrum as of Sunday, May 8.

The inbound health and wellness business boasts of unique programs like custom health coaching and additional fitness workouts to the area. Alyson Poling — founder and creator of the business and its brand — is a Brentwood native seeking to open various and sundry programs targeted toward clients interested in getting active from home. Her brand also presents the Alyson Poling Fitness app through which many of her programs are offered.

“I’ve spent many years working on my health and nutrition habits which lead me to develop The Sunshine Effect,” Poling said in a release. “While fitness is a large part of your health, I believe there are nine other areas of health and wellness that should contribute to your overall health goals.”

Her remote programs aim to bring the gym to wherever is most convenient for her clients. She offers private sessions in person or via FaceTime for $45, which last half an hour. A full, hour-long, private session is also available for $75. Group trainings, on the other hand, can similarly be held in person or over FaceTime for half an hour at $20 a head or for an hour at $30. For $325, Alyson Poling Fitness also offers what it refers to as Health Coaching One-Month Reset, and additional coaching continue on a monthly basis thereafter for $65 per month if one commits to three months, $55 per month for six-month commitments or $45 per month for a full-year commitment.

“At the end of the day we only get one body to take care of, and I take that seriously,” said Poling. “My goal is for each client to see how beautiful and fulfilling a healthy life can be and share that light with the world.”

Poling is a certified fitness trainer and fitness nutrition coach rendering her services through the International Sports Sciences Association. She is also a certified women’s fitness specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a Nutritious Life nutrition coach Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and a holistic health coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.