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Brentwood-based IMAC Holdings, Inc., has announced a "significant milestone" in their research towards a clinical trial for the treatment of bradykinesia, a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease.

According to a Dec. 30 news release, the company reported that they have completed the first infusion of its investigational compound which utilizes umbilical cord-derived allogenic mesenchymal stem cells to treat bradykinesia, which is a gradual slowing and loss of spontaneous body movement.

“The first infusion of our proprietary compound is a significant milestone in its development, as well as in the development of IMAC, expanding our capabilities as a regenerative rehabilitation company,” IMAC Chief Executive Officer. Jeffrey Ervin said in the news release. “We have already received significant interest from patients across our regenerative medicine centers to participate in the trial, and we are actively screening these inquiries to identify those who fit the inclusion criteria of the trial. We anticipate full patient enrollment by the end of February 2021, with subsequent infusions continuing in early 2021.”

The first infusion was delivered on Dec. 29, 2020, as part of the Phase 1 clinical trial in the company's Brentwood facility.

According to the American Parkinson's Disease Association, an estimated 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson's Disease, with an estimated 1 million of those people living in the United States. 

The European Parkinson’s Disease Association reports that an estimated 98% of people with Parkinson's Disease experience bradykinesia.

The trial will consist of a 15-patient dose escalation safety and tolerability study at three of IMAC’s clinical centers in Chesterfield, Missouri, Paducah, Kentucky and in Brentwood.

According to the news release, the trial will be divided into three groups with the first seeing five patients with bradykinesia due to Parkinson’s Disease receiving a intravenous infusion of stem cells in a low dose.

Five other patients will then receive a medium intravenous dose, while five other patients will receive a high intravenous dose, will all groups being tracked over the course of 12 months.

More information about IMAC Holdings, Inc., can be found here.

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