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Two glasses of beer on a bar counter.

The Brentwood Beer Board met on Monday where they issued beer sale suspensions against five businesses, three of which have come before the board for previous violations in 2019.

The board unanimously approved a 30-day suspension of the beer license with signs starting Nov. 1 for Chili’s Grill and Bar at 107 Creekside Crossing after an employee served beer to a minor. This was the second violation for Chilis in 2019.

The board also heard a violation against Ludlow & Prime at 330 Franklin Road, who also came before the Beer Board for a similar violation in August. Ludlow & Prime was issued a 30-day suspension with signs starting Nov. 1. 

Another was an unlawful sale of beer to a minor at Pei Wei Asian Diner, something that happened before when representatives previously came before the Beer Board in August.

No representatives from Pei Wei were present at the October meeting to address the board. 

Commissioner Mark Gorman initially introduced a motion to suspend Pei Wei’s license for 45 days with the addition of signage starting Nov. 1. When it was apparent that no representative was present and upon further discussion of the repeat offense, the board unanimously approved an amended motion to suspend sales for 60 days.

The board will also send the owners of Pei Wei a letter to address the seriousness of their concerns and additional suggestions on how to address the violations.

The board heard a violation against BurgerFi at 7010 Executive Center Drive for the sale of beer to a minor. A BurgerFi representative drove from Auburn, Ala., to address the board and was issued a seven-day suspension with signs starting Nov. 1.

Finally the board heard a violation by Peter’s Sushi at 330 Franklin Road for the sale of beer to a minor which resulted in a seven-day suspension with signs starting Nov. 1. 

According to Brentwood Police Department Assistant Chief Tommy Walsh, all of the violations were brought to the attention of BPD after they were contacted by the state's Alcoholic Beverage Commission, who performed the sting operations.

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