The Brentwood City Commission unanimously approved a new zoning district on Monday.

This new zoning known as Agricultural Residential Estate — Innovative Project or AR-IP was approved in order to "preserve the scenic and historic qualities of one of the oldest stretches of Brentwood, along the Old Smyrna Road corridor."

The new zoning "will provide greater flexibility by allowing a minimum lot size of two acres, while still maintaining Brentwood’s overall one unit per three-acre density of the regular Agriculture Residential, or AR zoning district," according to a city news release.

Property owners wish to change their current property zoning can apply to do so with lots as small as two acres as long as, they maintain an overall density of no more than one unit per three acres.

Property owners can also design lots abutting Old Smyrna with setbacks that are smaller in the front yard and larger in the rear yard, making it easier to create more distance between new homes and Old Smyrna Road.

The existing AR-zoned parcels are only required to have a rear yard setback of 75’ along Old Smyrna, while the new district would provide for a setback of 100’ in addition to a 50’ landscaped buffer.

The front yard setback would be reduced from 175’ to 100’, and side yard setbacks would decrease from 50’ to 30’.

“I think there are people in Brentwood that are pleased we are doing this. This is really good, and we thank staff for studying this and presenting us with this solution," Brentwood City Commissioner Ken Travis said.