The Brentwood City Commission unanimously approved new equipment purchases for the Brentwood Police Department and Brentwood Fire and Rescue including six new police vehicles during Monday evening’s commission meeting.

All of the items were included in the consent agenda which was approved as one item during the meeting that was held electronically due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the purchases for BFR are 10 dash cameras for all of the department’s front-line vehicles. The purchase will include cameras and additional installation hardware, required software installation including licensing, maintenance and storage for a total cost of $18,850 from the General Fund.

The city will also purchase 16 Scott Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, 48 air cylinders and 16 voice amplifiers for the Fire and Rescue Department from Municipal Emergency Services.

The equipment will be purchased from Municipal Emergency Services through the NPPGov Purchasing Cooperative which the city said will mean a 25% savings, bringing the total cost of the purchases to $155,288.72 from the Capital Projects Fund. 

The commission also approved a resolution authorization for agreement with ADS Environmental Services to Purchase Stream Gauge Monitoring Equipment for BFR. 

According to the online agenda BFR crews currently have to physically check and document water levels at several streams during storm situations where flooding could occur, and according to the city, the new monitoring system would allow for streamlined electronic monitoring which also frees up BFR personnel during severe weather. 

The ECHO stream monitoring system purchased through ADS Environmental Services would be $14,172, and would be installed in key locations to include  the Little Harpeth River at Granny White and at Concord Road and Owl Creek at  Concord Pass.

The commission authorized the purchase of six new vehicles for the Brentwood Police Department including five Dodge Chargers which will be outfitted and used a patrol vehicles and one Hyundai Palisade which will be unmarked and assigned to a detective in the Criminal Investigations division. 

Each Charger will cost $25,051.25 and the Palisade costs $35,250.00 with a total cost for all six vehicles coming in at $160,506.25 from the Equipment Replacement Fund.

The commission also approved the surplus of one BPD vehicle, a 2019 Ford Utility Interceptor with 16,000 miles, which was destroyed in the June 18 crash that killed BPD Officer Destin Legieza, the first BPD officer killed in the line of duty in the department’s history.

Lastly the commission approved the purchase of two other vehicles for the Parks and Recreation department, a Bobcat compact excavator for $48,813.30 from the Equipment Replacement Fund and a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Double Cab pickup truck for $29,817.60 from the General Fund.

The Brentwood City Commission will meet again on August 6.

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