The Brentwood City Commission met on Monday evening where they approved Phase 2 for the future police headquarters construction, passed the first reading of amendments to Floodway Management Regulations, welcomed new police officer and honored library.

The commission that had all members present approved the consent agenda which included 9 line items.

The consent agenda was approved unanimously and included the following — an approval of Easement and Agreement with Mallory Valley Utility District for Construction of Mallory Valley Metering Station.

According to the agenda, the city’s phone systems were last upgraded in 2011. The upgrade to the systems would utilize the services of DataBlue who have an operations center in Brentwood. The cost or this upgrade would is $10,175, and the service is proposed to be acquired through the Tennessee Statewide Contract.  

This is a budgeted project for the Technology Department in this fiscal year’s operating budget.

Approval to Purchase Municipal Work Order Management Software System from iWorQ Systems with a complete start-up cost of $34,750, and an annual renewal cost at $20,250.00 without incremental increases.  

An agreement with Kimley-Horn for Granny White Pike Bike Lane Traffic Analysis in the amount of $20,600; The traffic analysis will include traffic counts at all intersection along Granny White Pike from the southern entrance to Brentwood Academy to the new signalized intersection at Foxland Hall; Traffic flow observations along this corridor during morning and afternoon peak traffic periods; Development of a traffic analysis report gauging the traffic impact of removing the left turn lane and estimating the needed left turn lane lengths at intersections; A presentation of analysis results to the City Commission; A community meeting, if needed following the City Commission presentation.

The proposed fee for these services is $20,600.

The city anticipates the traffic analysis report to be completed by the end of 2019 with a presentation to the Commission at a briefing in January 2020.

The Commission approved the purchase of hydraulic rescue tools for the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department within the consent agenda.

According to the agenda, $29,000 was budgeted in the 2020 fiscal year annual operating budget to purchase new tools and equipment to be placed on Ladder 53. 

BFR solicited bids for a battery-operated rescue tool system to include a spreader, cutter, spreader extension, batteries, and chargers and out of three bids the lowest and best bid with no exceptions was an Amkus tool set submitted by Rescue 1 out of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee in the amount of $17,240.00.  

While this was not the lowest bid, BFR said that the Amkus platform requires less money to maintain in the long run thereby saving money.

Within the consent agenda were several item requests for the Brentwood Police Department including 12 Stalker Dual Pro radar units for a total cost of $18,582.90, 12 Panasonic Arbitrator 360 HD camera systems for a total cost of $69,911.04 and 11 Whelen Legacy light bar packages for a total cost of $45,269.40. The funding for all three line items will come from the Equipment Replacement Fund.

Also in the consent agenda was a request for approval of the purchase of services from Presidio for an Active Directory upgrade.

Presidio is a firm with a local office that has assisted Technology Department staff on several occasions with specialized  IT work that is beyond the ability of the Technology Department such as advanced networking infrastructure, firewalls, network storage and other specialized software.

The 2020 fiscal year budget includes funding to upgrade the city’s Active Directory system with a cost of $11,405.

According to the agenda, this purchase will be made pursuant to the Tennessee NASPO ValuePoint Cisco AR233 (14-19) Contract, #56718; therefore, it is exempt from competitive bidding requirements.

Proposed amendments to Chapter 56, Article II of the Brentwood Municipal Code Relative to the Floodway Management Regulations for the City of Brentwood was unanimously approved for consideration on first reading.

According to the agenda, The City of Brentwood’s participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines for development within identified local floodplain areas. The city’s participation in the program is essential so that individual structures built or improved in the floodplain will remain eligible for flood insurance under the federal program.

“In the last few years, and these residents can speak to it better than I can,” City Manager Kirk Bednar said, acknowledging two residents who issued public comments in support of the proposal. “But the Federal government is phasing out whatever subsidies that it’s been providing relative to flood insurance, so the flood ensure costs are rising dramatically because of the lack of that subsidy. So that’s putting the pressure on the home owners here in and really everywhere that that applies, to look options relative tot he floodway and getting out of the floodway and the floodway fringe.”

Bednar detailed the three major changes outlined by the ordinance.

The 5-foot maximum wall height for building elevation would increase to 7.5 feet; Existing homes in the floodway will also be allowed to elevate the existing footprint if an engineer can show a no-rise condition; and

Finally for homes that must be elevated higher than 7 and one-half feet (therefore being required to utilize piers instead of walls with flood vents), a  front wall façade with vents may be added along the elevation that faces the street to give the appearance of a solid wall. The sides and rear of the home must still remain only supported by piers. For homes in the floodway, a no-rise certification must also be provided by an engineer before a permit can be issued.  

An Amendment to Agreement with The Parent Company to Establish Guaranteed Maximum Price for Phase 2 Work for Police Headquarters Project was passed unanimously.

According to the agenda, the vote authorizes The Parent Company to accept the micropile bid from GeoFirma in the amount of $150,000 and the steel bid from Snake Steel in the amount of $1,021,856.

As the low bidder for the concrete work, The Parent Company concrete bid of $1,787,000 will be part of the attached amendment to the contract between The Parent Company and the city as an additional item of work.

Based on recommended low bidders, the GMP for this Phase 2 includes the subcontractor bid amounts plus certain allowances, extended duration for General Conditions (overhead) costs for The Parent Company and temporary construction site costs (fencing, parking area maintenance, temporary utilities, etc.), soil termite treatment, bonds, and The Parent Company fee.  

The total of these costs plus a $200,000 contingency allowance is $3,992,623.  A breakdown of these costs is included in the attached Change Order.  Added to the first change order for Phase 1, the total GMP approved to date will be $6,371,472.

The future police headquarters broke ground during a ceremony on Sept. 11.

“The idea of phasing it, one, was to take advantage of some good weather at the time, and get the dirt work done,” Bednar said. “This then is the next step in that process.”

The Commission also heard two proclamations issued by Mayor Rhea Little proclaiming Oct. 14 as Friends of the Library Day, marking the 43 year for the non-profit group, and Friends of the Library Week which will be observed October 20-26.

Mayor Little also administered the oath of office new BPD officer Holly Lemming, who was joined by her family and continued a family tradition in law enforcement. 

In old business, Jini Moonshower was appointed to the Historic Commission after a vote.

The Pledge of allegiance was led 14 Boy Scouts from troop 93.

Before the City Commission meeting the Brentwood City Beer Board met briefly where they unanimously approved a request from Tri Star Energy, LLC for off-premises Beer Permit at Hightail #6613. The business located at 150 Franklin Road is reapplying after deciding on a name change for the business currently known as Twice Daily #6613.

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