The Brentwood City Commission met on Monday where they voted to rename Tower Park Dog Park in the honor of a late citizen volunteer and recognized new and accomplished firefighters. 

The Commission unanimously approved the renaming of the Tower Park Dog Park to Miss Peggy’s Bark Park in honor of the late Peggy Howell, a standout citizen, volunteer and member of the non-profit organization the Citizens for Brentwood Greenspace, who recently presented the city with an $80,000 check that included $66,000 in funds from a bequest from Howell’s estate that was left to CBGS. Commissioners Anne Dunn and Regina Smithson were not present for the vote.

Peggy Howell

The park is currently sponsored by Mars Petcare whose sponsorship expires in February 2020 and two citizens spoke in favor of the name change during public comments. 

The name change would cost $2,500 and come from those bequest funds while city staff recommends that the remaining funds be kept in a separate account and be dedicated to future major maintenance and enhancement of the dog park, including any new signage required.

Provisions for public works

The only other item of new business was a unanimously approved first reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 14, Article IX of the Municipal Code regarding provisions for pubic works.  

City Manager Kirk Bednar laid out the amendment in the meeting and stressed that this is not a tax but a fee based on the impact of traffic, noting that the fee schedule and the listing of eligible road projects was last updated by staff in December 2007.

“This ordinance is the first of two steps in getting the new fees adopted, the ordinance here amends the code language relative to a number of things, one is adds some land-use description that we didn’t have originally in the code from years ago. It also addresses the methodology of the calculations a little different. It’s a demand-based fee versus a plan-based one before,” Bednar said. “One important part of this that we want to make sure that everyone is aware of, currently the code exempts both churches and government-owned buildings from paying the road-impact fee. The recommended change would continue to exempt government-owned buildings but would asses the fee on churches, so any new church that might be built or any expansion of any churches in the community, the fee would be assessed against those projects.”

“The proposed ordinance amendments do not included the updated fee schedule.  Adoption of the new fee schedule will be done via resolution scheduled to be considered by the Board at the November 25, 2019 meeting, the same meeting where Ordinance 2019-10 will be considered on second and final reading,” the ordinance in the agenda reads.

The ordinances fiscal impact section reads, “For the past six years, average annual collections for Public Works Project Fees has been approximately $950,000.  The significant fee increases proposed as a result of the study will result in increased collections.  However, the amount of collections is completely dependent on the level of new development (residential and non-residential) in the City.”

The consent agenda was unanimously approved by the Commission and included a Resolution Endorsing a Grant Application for TDOT's Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) Program, which according to the agenda, would address two projects that would be funded 100% with grants funds, and other portions will require a 20% local match to be funded by Brentwood in the amount of $118,000.“

Appropriate adjustments to Capital Projects Fund will be proposed, if needed,” the ordinance reads.

The project outlined is an addition to an earlier 2016 project which, according to the online agenda, “optimized signal timings along each of the State Routes (6, 252, 253, 441) and functionally classified minor arterials (Maryland Way/Church Street and Granny White Pike), and (2) a 2015 STP-funded Regional Traffic Management Study in Maryland Farms. Both former projects were completed within the required timeframes and within the authorized budgets.” 

This new project will develop new signal timing plans to improve travel times and air quality by way of the installation of reliable detection devices instead of loop detection to non-intrusive video detection. The resolution also reads, “the project will also address multimodal enhancements by bringing corridors into compliance with TDOT-adopted Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) requirements. The project will upgrade ADA curb ramps and incorporate Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) systems along the corridors. The project will allow staff to more efficiently maintain their Automated Transportation Management System (ATMS), while also providing upgraded technology to improve multi-modal traffic flow." 

According to the resolution, staff anticipates notification of grant awards in February 2020.

A Resolution Recommendation for 2020 Stop Loss Insurance Coverage and a Proposed Medical Plan for 2020 was also included in the consent agenda as well as the the approval of a Schedule for Board of Commissioners Meetings for Calendar Year 2020 and the approval of a Schedule for Review of Proposed FY 2021 Annual Operating Budget and FY 2021-2026 Capital Improvements Program.

The Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department recognized two of their members and welcomed one new recruit, while the Pledge of Allegiance was led by several local Boy Scouts on a Monday night meeting that also coincided with Veterans Day.

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