Brentwood Inclusive Playground design

The Brentwood City Commission unanimously approved two items related to the city’s future first fully-inclusive playground on Monday night, with the playground now anticipated to open in the summer of 2022. 

The Miles Together Playground, which will be named for 12-year-old Brentwood resident Miles Peck, and will be located in Granny White Park.

The 22,000-square-foot inclusive playground will include 18,5000 square feet of 3.5” thick Vitriturf surface for safety and approximately 3,550 square feet of synthetic grass, with the two surfaces denoting an area of more traditional play and an area more sustainable for those with sensory considerations.

According to the city, the playground equipment will include the following:

  • Inclusive Rail Rider (Zipline)

  • Team Swing

  • Kid Builder Arch Swing with various belt, inclusive, tot and generation seats

  • Kid Builder ramp to Together Glider

  • Freestanding 96” tall Double Wide Slide

  • Hammock

  • Harry the Hippo

  • Calvin the Caterpillar

  • Frog Sculpture

  • Dragon Head Sculpture

  • Team Totter

  • Unlimited Play Turnabout Spinner

  • Jackhammers

  • Quiet Grove Structure

  • NuEdge Crawl Log

  • Tire Climb

  • Concerto Vibes to include small, medium, and large cabasas, chimes and conga drums

“The goal of the playground, of course, is to be available for kids of all abilities to play, and it includes more active areas and a quieter, what we would call sensory area," Bednar said during Monday's meeting. "We are very excited about this."

Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar told the commission that current international supply chain issues due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are expected to delay the projects opening to “mid-summer” of 2022, with the equipment expected to actually reach the city in June 2022.

The pandemic has also caused an increase in the price of products, with the project now at estimated $1.675 million, with much of the funding being spearheaded by the Brentwood Rotary Club and the Brentwood Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, with an estimated $750,000 in funding coming from city partners.

The price tag also increased due to some parking lot improvements which will be made and a new restroom facility which will be specially designed to meet the needs of children and adults who are using the inclusive playground.

The two items that were approved on Monday night include granting a site-work construction bid by The Parent Company for $669,000 as well as an allowance for a sign package in the amount of $40,000 and a contingency fund of $20,000 for a total site work budget of $729,000 from the Capital Projects Fund, which in the base bid, includes the removal and reinstallation of Granny White Park's current playground units to new locations in Crockett Park.

The second approved item is an agreement with Custom Recreation for the purchase and installation of the new playground equipment which has a total price tag of $729,900 with a $10,000 contingency fund from the Capital Projects Fund.

Site work is expected to begin next week, and more information about the project can be found in Monday night's online agenda here.