The Brentwood City Commission met on Monday where they took steps in acquiring land for a future sewer storage facility, approved a contract for sewer pipe repairs and expanded the use of the city's drone.

The Consent Agenda was unanimously approved and included an authorization to acquire a needed utility easement with The Heritage of Brentwood, for fiber extension to connect the new Police Department Headquarters to the City's existing fiber network and an agreement with Sullivan Engineering for Design Services Related to the Witherspoon/Raintree Forest Trail Connector for a total of $55,102.75.

In the Consent Agenda was also the approval of a Pipe Repair Contract, which according to the online agenda, the city anticipated will be used to award two projects in FY 2021, the Derby Glen Pipe Repair project and Subdivision Drainage project. Together, both are expected to total approximately $250,000. 

Also in the Consent Agenda was an Agreement with JDHQ Hotels LLC d/b/a Embassy Suites by Hilton Cool Springs to host the 2020 Annual Employee Recognition Dinner as well as an authorization to install three speed humps on Eastwood Drive in the Reserve at Raintree Forest subdivision.

Item one in New Business, the first reading of Ordinance 2020-01 which requested the rezoning of approximately 28 acres of land located on the north side of Split Log Road from the R-2 (Suburban Residential) zoning district to the OSRD (Open Space Residential Development) zoning district was deferred until March at the request of the applicant with a unanimous vote by the commission.

The commission unanimously approved the adoption of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Program Interdepartmental Assistance Policy, which outlines guidelines for when the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department's drone could be used for city purposes outside of the already identified uses such as helping the first responders with search and rescue, flooding, hazardous materials monitoring, structural and wild land interface fire assessment, railroad incidents, and damage assessment. 

According to the online agenda, the highlights of the policy include the following points, while adhering to any and all guidelines imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

•The UAS Program Manager (currently Lieutenant Jay Williams) must review and approve all UAS use requests.

•A written flight plan describing the area(s) and route(s) where the UAS will be flown will be required.

•The UAS may only be used for city purposes as provided by state law, which includes emergency operations and preparation, marketing, and the creation of City maps.

•Except as allowable by law, the city's UAS shall not be used for intentionally capturing images of private property without consent of the property owner or conducting any type of surveillance on private property, including surveillance for police or code enforcement purposes.

•The UAS shall be controlled from public property except where express written consent has been obtained by a private property owner.

•The UAS will not be flown in adverse weather conditions unless such flight is deployed to survey such conditions.

•All reasonable attempts will be made to avoid recording of footage from private property, particularly enclosed property unless the property owner's permission has been previously obtained.

The final resolution taken up by the commission was an adoption authorizing the acquisition of land and easements for the future Brentwood Pump Station Storage Facility Project for an estimated appraisal of $1.11 million from the Water and Sewer Funds for 44.4 acres of land which was unanimously approved.

According to the online agenda, the storage facility project includes the storage facility (tank) and related pumping and piping infrastructure. It's proposed to be constructed adjacent to the Brentwood/Metro sewer pumping station located approximately one half mile west of Hillsboro Road. 

Brentwood recently held a work session on the ongoing needs of the sewer system which included discussions of a future storage tank and further efforts to rehabilitate infrastructure in the face of a rising population and more consistent flooding across the region.

The Commission also appointed Anne Goad, Sherry Hammond, Ashley McAnulty and Tara Volpintesta to the Historic Commission as well as Dane Andersen, Brian Evans, Robbie Hayes and Lynn Tucker to the Tree Board.

The Brentwood City Commission will meet again on March 9.