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The Brentwood City Commission recognized Ravenwood High School social studies teacher Margaret Ziellmann on Monday night who was honored with the 2020 Distinguished New Teacher Award in October.

Brentwood Mayor Rhea Little issued a proclamation recognizing Zeillman's achievements during Monday night's meeting, and all of the commissioners expressed their gratitude for Zeillman's efforts.

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"It just speaks so much to what type of teacher you are that in the entire state of Tennessee, which is thousands and thousands and thousands of teachers, that you were chosen for this award," Commissioner Anne Dunn said, adding that several WCS teachers have been honored with the award throughout the years.

Zeillman thanked the commission calling the current teaching environment both uniquely challenging and rewarding. 

"It means a lot to me to be recognized as an educator in our community," Zeillman said. 

According to a Williamson County School's inFocus news release in October, the Tennessee Education Association awarded Zeillman for her excellence in the classroom. 

According to that news release, the award is given to teachers with less than five years' experience in the classroom who demonstrate qualities that distinguish them in their profession.

Zeillman was one of only five educators across the state are selected for the award.

"It is an affirmation of the work I have done in my career so far to hone my skills and learn from more experienced educators," Zeillman said in the news release. "I know I would not be half of the teacher I am today without the many teachers who mentored me during my undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt, my student teaching and first several years teaching in Metro Nashville Public Schools and the past year at Ravenwood High School."

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