The Metro Nashville Police Department and the Nashville Fire Department responded to a home in the Brentwood area on Thursday evening after a package containing sulfuric acid and candy was delivered and injured at least one resident.

According to NFD Public Information Officer Joseph Pleasant, emergency crews responded to the home on Richland Woods Lane around 6:50 p.m. where they found a homeowner who said that she opened a package mailed to the family, which contained what appeared to be candy with a white powder mixed in, and soon caused burns to her fingers.

Pleasant said that the woman was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and that preliminary tests showed the substance to be sulfuric acid.

According to MNPD Spokesperson Kristin Mumford, the package was sent to a state lab for further testing, but the TBI wouldn't comment on the investigation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also taken an unspecified role in the investigation. They have not returned a request for comment.

Homeowner Daniel Slezinger was identified as the recipient of the package after he made a public Facebook post about the event in which he said that both he and his wife were injured.

"Our house became a crime scene tonight. Someone mailed a package in my name with m&m’s from Monsey, New York laced with AT LEAST sulphuric acid," the post reads.

The extent of their injuries is unclear at this time, and Slezinger said in the post that he has no idea who would have sent him the package.

According to Slezinger's Linkedin profile he is the Co-Founder and COO of Glow Motion Technologies, which develops wireless interactive LED products that are used for concerts and other events. 

Glow Motion lists superstars such as Aerosmith, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton and Drake among its clients. 

While the home has a Brentwood address, it is technically within the Nashville-Davidson County limits.

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