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The City of Brentwood donated $238,785 to twelve schools during Monday night’s Brentwood City Commission meeting.

Brentwood and Ravenwood High Schools received $62,400 each while Brentwood, Sunset and Woodland Middle each received $15,600. Crockett, Edmondson, Jordan, Kenrose, Lipscomb and Scales Elementary schools were all awarded $10,400, and Sunset Elementary was awarded $4,785 due to its lower percentage of Brentwood students enrolled.

According to a city news release, over the past 35 years, the City of Brentwood has awarded more than $6 million dollars to Williamson County schools that serve Brentwood students, with the money covering non-recurring costs such as books, technology and special projects like the Computers on Wheels program. 

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“We very much appreciate the ongoing support of the Brentwood City Commission, both financially and in so many other ways,” Williamson County Schools Superintendent Jason Golden said. “This financial support supplements academics, the arts and athletics for these schools and their students.”

The city also awarded three recreation programs and two community service providers with a total of $105,250, with $50,000 presented to the Fifty-Forward Martin Center, $13,000 presented to the Brentwood YMCA, $21,000 presented to the Brentwood Ball Club, $18,000 presented to the Brentwood Blaze Youth Football and $3,250 presented to the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency.

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“These contributions to service providers are just that,” Brentwood City Commissioner Anne Dunn said. “Money provided to groups which provide services in lieu of the city having to do it. This serves the residents’ needs and saves tax dollars in terms of staffing costs and time.”

“This year some of the money will go to Crockett Park for new flooring in the meeting room,” Brentwood Blaze President Paul Edwards added. “The remainder of the funds will go towards new helmets for our players as we want them to have the best equipment, especially protecting their heads.”

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Over the past three and a half decades, the city has awarded more than $2.1 million to local recreation and community service providers.