The City of Brentwood will continue to wave fees for overdue water and sewer bills through June due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The issue was voted for and approved unanimously by the Brentwood City Commission on Monday night which authorizes a temporary modification to the City’s municipal code regarding utility billing, an extension of action taken by the commission in April.

According to the city, accounts not paid in full by the due date are normally assessed a 10% late fee and disconnection of service, but due to the severity of the public health crisis and its impact on the economic stability of both residents and businesses, the fees will be waived.

“As a way to provide a small measure of relief for Brentwood Water and Sewer customers who may be adversely impacted by the current economic circumstances, staff recommended a formal City Commission authorization to waive the ten percent penalty for late payments for bills due in the months of March, April, and May," Brentwood Water Services Director Chris Milton said.

“We are glad that Brentwood is in a financial position to be able to provide a small measure of relief for our residents and businesses during this unprecedented time," Brentwood Commissioner Susannah Macmillan said.

According to City Manager Kirk Bednar, the exact dollar amount of lost revenue to the Water and Sewer Fund is impossible to estimate. 

“Based on prior monthly averages, we estimate the loss to be in the $30,000 range, however, given the severity of this economic situation, the amount could be higher due to more accounts with late payments than normal,” Bednar said.

The city is also asking residents to utilize their online bill pay throughout the pandemic to reduce interaction with the public and city staff and in an effort to promote public health.

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