BFR Battalion Chief David Harber, 2020 Firefighter of the Year Engineer Zachary Scheitel, Chief Brian Goss

BFR Battalion Chief David Harber, 2020 Firefighter of the Year Engineer Zachary Scheitel, Chief Brian Goss.

Brentwood Fire and Rescue awarded its 2020 Firefighter of the Year award and recognized two other outstanding firefighters during Monday night's Brentwood City Commission meeting. 

BFR Engineer Zachary Scheitel was honored with a certificate as Firefighter of the Year during the meeting where his dedication and wide variety of skills was highlighted as well as his work to help the department and city from hands-on physical improvements to facilities. He also helped in boosting training and exemplifying leadership.

"Zachary, or Zach as he is known by his friends, is a trusted resource for the completion of tasks that vary from building construction to technology improvements," Battalion Chief David Harber said. "Zach has been instrumental in completing projects that range from station upgrades and remodeling to developing data management tools for the PPE committee. Additionally, Zach has been an active member of the department by participating in various committees."

"Each project has resulted in a major improvement in the quality of life of our personal and enhanced the capabilities of these facilities," Harber added. 

"Because of his seemingly endless skill set and his above and beyond contributions to the department, coupled with his outstanding daily actions, Engineer Zachary Scheitel has been selected as Brentwood Fire and Rescue's 2020 Firefighter of the Year," Harber concluded.

The Commission and Chief Goss also recognized Battalion Chief David Harber, who holds the dual designation as both a Fire Officer and Chief Fire Officer, and Lt. Jay Williamson, who is a Fire Officer Designee. 

BFR Battalion Chief David Harber

BFR Battalion Chief David Harber.

According to a news release, in 2012 BFR adopted the internationally accepted model of Professional Credentialing through the Center for Public Safety Excellence’s Commission on Professional Credentialing which recognizes competence in fire and emergency services and offers career guidance and planning. 

According to BFR Chief Brian Goss, since implementing the professional standards, 16 BFR personnel, or 75% of promoted officers, have achieved the professional goal.

“Five of our officers, including Chief Harber, have achieved dual designations in two different areas, which is extremely rare,” Goss said. 

Goss awarded Harber with a plaque during the meeting, and also recognized Lt. Williams, who was unable to attend the meeting due to illness.

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