The best cross country runners in the state from Williamson County gathered at Sanders Ferry Park in Hendersonville last weekend for the state championship races.

The first two competitions that took place last Thursday were in the girls and boys AAA state races.

The top team finishers for the AAA girls state cross country championships were Brentwood in first place, Independence placing 3rd and Ravenwood finishing 10th.

Girls top individual finishers were:

  • Independence sophomore Jayne Halterman - 5th
  • Brentwood freshman Lydia Cromwell - 6th
  • Nolensville sophomore Searcy Mooney - 9th
  • Brentwood junior Brooke Tyll - 12th
  • Brentwood sophomore Peyton Strauss - 13th
  • Independence senior Julia Halterman - 16th
  • Brentwood freshman Rachel Haws - 27th
  • Ravenwood senior Charlene Huang - 28th
  • Centennial junior Rhys Ammon - 33rd
  • Brentwood junior Lola Baker - 37th
  • Independence junior Emma Pearson - 46th
  • Brentwood senior Cari Pautienus - 47th
  • Ravenwood junior Hannah Laubach - 48th

The top boys team finishers were Brentwood in 3rd, Franklin in 7th and Ravenwood in 8th

Boys top individual finishers for AAA were:

  • Ravenwood sophomore Miles Ramer - individual state champion
  • Brentwood junior Brody Chapman - 5th
  • Brentwood freshman Callahan Fielder - 8th
  • Franklin sophomore Parker Harris - 11th
  • Franklin junior David Brown - 12th
  • Brentwood sophomore Robert Pautienus - 32nd
  • Brentwood junior Jack Rittler - 39th
  • Independence junior Nate Martinez - 43rd
  • Ravenwood senior Brycen Biskner - 46th

On Friday, the competition started with the Girls and Boys Division II AA races in state cross country championships.

The top teams in the girls Division II AA state championships were Brentwood Academy in 7th and Christ Presbyterian Academy in 13th.

The highest finishers for the girls division were:

  • Brentwood Academy sophomore Ellie Atchley - 31st
  • Christ Presbyterian Academy freshman Julia Speedy - 39th
  • Brentwood Academy junior Grace Simpson - 47th
  • Brentwood Academy sophomore Emerson Simpson - 48th
  • Brentwood Academy freshman Mary Carol Holmes - 50th

The top teams in the boys Division II AA cross country championships were Brentwood Academy in second and Christ Presbyterian Academy at 13th.

In the boys state Division II AA cross country championships, the top Williamson County finishers were:

  • Brentwood Academy sophomore Luke Thompson - 2nd
  • Brentwood Academy sophomore Carter Johnson - 8th
  • Christ Presbyterian Academy junior Jack Radbill - 10th
  • Brentwood Academy junior Sean Smith - 12th
  • Brentwood Academy senior Alexander Lorenz - 23rd
  • Brentwood Academy junior Sam Widmaier - 24th
  • Brentwood Academy junior Harrison Chapman - 48th
  • Brentwood Academy freshman Parker Wells - 50th

The next races on Friday were the girls and boys Division II A cross country state championships.

The highest Williamson County girls finisher was Battle Ground Academy senior Lindsey Phelps, finishing 24th in the state. There were no teams that placed in Williamson County in this division.

The top team finisher for boys was Battle Ground Academy, who placed second in the state.

The boys highest Williamson County finishers were:

  • Battle Ground Academy senior Trace Alexander - 2nd
  • Battle Ground Academy junior Jack Evans - 13th
  • Battle Ground Academy freshman Will Bauer - 19th
  • Battle Ground Academy senior Brady Zhang - 43rd

The last races on Friday were the girls and boys A-AA state cross country championships.

The highest finishers in the girls race were Page freshman Sophia Boutros in 4th, Page freshman Gabrielle Boutros in 8th and Fairview junior Alyssa Andrea in 28th.

The top team girls finishers were Page, fourth and Fairview, 12th.

The boys highest finishers were Page freshman Aiden Haack in 30th, Page senior Aiden Mueller in 45th and Fairview senior Matthew Andrea in 48th.

The top team boys finishers were Page in 8th and Fairview in 13th.