Brentwood park pavilion shelter

The city of Brentwood is increasing the number of people allowed in city park shelters and pavilions from April 1 to May 31. 

According to the city, due to a reduction in active COVID-19 cases in Williamson County, shelters at Crockett Park, Owl Creek Park, River Park, Smith Park and the Deerwood Arboretum will see an increase of maximum people from 25 to 40 people for events from April 1-May 31.

During that same time the Granny White Pavilion will see an increase of maximum people from 50 to 75.


If public health conditions continue to improve, the city said that it will further increase occupancy to 100%, meaning that for events from June 1-Oct. 31 would see Crockett, Owl Creek, River and Smith Parks and the Deerwood Arboretum shelters raised from 40 to 100 people, while the Granny White Pavilion would be raised from 75 to 150 people.

The city notes that these changes are entirely based on current recommendations by the city staff which are themselves based on public health recommendations from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention prior to or during the event. All occupancy numbers are subject to change.


In addition to the occupancy changes, the city will also be opening reservations to non-Brentwood residents beginning April 1. These rentals range from $50 to $125 for four up hours or $100 to $200 for up to eight hours of use based on the location of the pavilion or shelter. 

More information, including how to request a park shelter reservation with the city can be found here.