Released just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday, the final results for the 2021 Brentwood city election show that voters sent incumbents Mark Gorman, Rhea Little and Regina Smithson back to City Commission for another four years.

Four candidates vied for three open seats this election, with the aforementioned three incumbents receiving between 3,376 and 3,665 votes each. Political newcomer Gina Gunn, who teased a 2023 run with the Home Page, received 1,027 total votes.

In total, 1,148 voters came out to the polls on election day. Coupled with early voting numbers, the total vote count is 4,376. With 35,075 registered voters in Brentwood, that brings the voter turnout rate to 12.48% - lower than 2019's rate of 12.82%, but higher than 2017's rate of 12.2%.

On his victory, Little said voters' decision to send him back to the City Commission for another four years was "humbling," and noted the significance of this election as the first such election since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's such an honor to serve Brentwood because I love the citizens and the city," Little said.

"It's very humbling to be returning for a fourth term, and especially this time after going through such a hard year for everybody with COVID. It's actually overwhelming that you feel like you guided the ship through really hard waters and came out on the other side into hopefully peaceful waters and good times to come."

Smithson said that she felt her solid victory was a sign that residents were happy with the direction the city was going, and thanked her supporters for sending her back to the City Commission.

"I hope and think it indicates they're happy with what has happened and what will happen with Brentwood; things are running good [and] change is not always necessary in an election," Smithson said.

"If you're happy with what's going on, why make big changes? I think that that was the message that was sent, and I love that and appreciate all the voters that voted for me to continue what I've done for 27 years."

On his victory, Gorman wrote that he was "humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Brentwood four more years," having served on the City Commission since 2013.

While not the results she had hoped for, Gunn said she was honored to have received more than a thousand votes, and laid praise on her campaign managers for helping her through her first election.

"I did break a thousand which was heartening to me; there are a thousand people in Brentwood that either knew me or didn't know me but loved me enough to vote for me, and I appreciate it," Gunn said.

"I learned a lot for this, and I had a great campaign manager - Ben Jones and Ann Marie Sherman - they were fantastic."

When asked what her plans were for the future, Gunn teased a possible 2023 run.

"I may be back in 2023. I've not decided but I've got lessons that I learned," Gunn said. "I'm will be around - I'm not going to go away."

These results are unofficial until certified by the Williamson County Election Commission, a process that typically takes between one and two weeks.

An asterisk (*) indicates the victor.

City Commission

*Mark Gorman: 3,389

Gina Gunn: 1,027

*Rhea Little: 3,665

*Regina Smithson: 3,376

This story was edited on 5/5/21 to include Commissioner Mark Gorman's response to winning re-election.

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Mrs. Gunn seems like a nice person and has a beautiful, successful family. My concern is that she was backed by a very liberal group that is in favor of “Inclusionary Zoning” and thinks Brentwood is racist because we don’t allow apartments.

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