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The John P. Holt Brentwood Library has spoken out in support of a statement by the Tennessee Library Association, which addresses systemic racism and violence, and states support and solidarity for those victimized by racial aggression.

According to a TLA news release, the statement was approved unanimously by the Tennessee Library Association Advisory Council and Executive Board June 12, and reads in part: 

“The Tennessee Library Association stands steadfast in the belief that all libraries provide a welcoming and safe environment. To that end, TLA, in concert with the TLA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, sets the following goals: 

•Provide training and resources for the Board, members, and libraries to examine policies, procedures, and actions to ensure that all are welcome in our libraries and association.

•Ensure that TLA is a truly inclusive environment for all librarians and staff of color and identify barriers to the profession and association.

•Provide educational programs for librarians and staff on issues of racism, privilege, and breaking down barriers for patrons.

•Encourage libraries to continue to create and promote diverse programs and collections to share with their communities and patrons.”

Tennessee Library Association racial injustice statement 2020

Screenshot of the statement issued by Tennessee Library Association on racial injustice. 

The John P. Holt Brentwood Library is a member of TLA, and Library Director Susan Earls issued a statement of support by email on Monday, citing the American Library Association Bill of Rights, which was adopted in 1939. 

“The John P. Holt Brentwood Library supports the American Library Association Bill of Rights, which addresses treating everyone with respect and with a welcoming environment,” Earls said. “The Library has provided programs that engage our community in current event dialogue and will continue to do so.”

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