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The Brentwood Library is now the home of a sensory garden, which is focused on sustaining a space of plants and other items that encourage learning and experiences through all five senses.

The project was spearheaded by library staff and can be found on the library's outdoor reading terrace, just in time for spring.

"The Reading Terrace is a wonder place to meet with friends, eat lunch, or just sit and read," Brentwood Library Community Relations Coordinator Sarah Norris said in an email. "Adding a Sensory Garden just brings the learning outdoors."

Norris said that the Brentwood Library has a variety of programs throughout the year that celebrate nature such as plant swaps, nature walks and their seed library, so this addition fits right in to the library's efforts to get the community engaged in nature.

Brentwood Library Sensory Garden 2

Norris said that the garden has been a dream for years, but it was over the last six months that work really got moving.

While Norris led the concept, planning and layout of the project, this team effort was made possible through the hard work of the Library Environmental Committee, and staff members including Paige Wilson, Elizabeth Johnson and Bailey Jo Simpson, as well as Lindsay Dyer, who offered an extensive knowledge of plants, and Francie Owens, who made many of the polymer clay details found throughout the garden. 

Brentwood Library Sensory Garden 1

Community members will find a variety of plants in the sensory garden including an aloe plant, Lambs Ear, grasses, sedums, flowers and herbs.

The garden also features some specific plants aimed at helping pollinators as well as "pollinator watering bowls" to help insects safely get a drink of water, ensuring that the bees and other creatures can continue to help nature thrive.

"It’s a small space so we’ve put as much as we could into the nooks and crannies, that way you might just find something new each time you visit," Norris said. "We’ve got plenty of exciting things planned for the future as well to make it even better as it evolves."

The sensory garden is accessible during normal library hours, and more information about the library can be found here. The John P. Holt Brentwood Library is located at 8109 Concord Road.

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