Brentwood Sign

Traffic passes by the Brentwood sign on the corner of Franklin Road and Maryland Way. / Matt Masters

The City of Brentwood is looking to upgrade and replace traffic signal equipment to keep its citizens safe on the road.

According to the city's online agenda, many of the traffic controllers around the city are getting old with certain parts becoming harder and harder to source. Additionally, many of the electronics within traffic cabinets around the city have started to deteriorate.

Due to this issue, the Traffic Division of the Public Works Department is seeking approval for purchase of a new camera system and bypass switches.

At Monday night’s City Commission meeting, city officials will vote to approve or deny these purchases.

The Traffic Division has budgeted $180,000 for these types of purchases in the Capital Projects Fund.

The new camera system, called the Autoscope Camera System, will replace the outdated system that currently operates at Moores Lane and Gordon Petty Drive. The current system, while still fully operational, has obsolete hardware that cannot be updated or serviced. If the system were to fail, there would be no active detection in place.

The bypass switches, if approved for purchase, will be stocked in inventory and can be used across the city. Frequent lightning damage often causes issues with the traffic signals and switches.

All items will be purchased through Southern Lighting & Traffic Systems. The total cost is $197,159. Although this is $17,159 over budget, the Traffic Division believes it is an important investment to make now and save money in the future.