Brentwood Middle

After working at it for at least the past three years, Brentwood Middle has been recognized as the first school in Tennessee to be named a Model Professional Learning Community school.

The distinction was given by a group called All Things PLC, which states that that the key to improved learning for students is continuous job-embedded learning for educators.

“This work is not easy, but our teachers make all the difference,” Brentwood Middle Principal Brandon Barkley said in a release from the Williamson County Schools newsletter InFocus. “They are committed to continuously working in collaborative teams to implement research-based PLC practices in order to ensure our students learn at high levels and achieve their personal best. I could not be more proud of our faculty, staff, students and parents.”

In order to become a Model PLC School, a school has to demonstrate the PLC concepts for at least three years. These concepts include a focus on learning, a collaborative learning culture and a commitment to continuous improvement. A school also has to show evidence of improved student learning, provide an explanation of the cultures and practices of the school and update the school information over time.

According to Barkley, the award is a representation of the progress among students each year.

“We all went into this business to make a profound difference in the lives of students,” he said. “This award signifies the impact our collaborative efforts and systematic processes are having on our students and their learning.”

Moving forward, Brentwood Middle is going to improve on the steps in the PLC process in order to better serve its students.

“We are dedicated to continuing to refine our PLC practices and systems in order to better serve and support the needs of each and every student that walks our hallways,” Barkley said. “As we continue to learn and improve, we hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with other schools, learn from the work they are doing and support them in their PLC journeys.”

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