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The Brentwood Photography Group is getting ready for a variety of events in 2020 and looking back at its successful 2019 with the release of a group photo book.

In November the group welcomed celebrated photographer and educator John Paul Caponigro and ended the year with a holiday party that included the creation of the group’s photo book.

Brentwood Photography Group 2020 President Jeremy Teran said that the book was a great way to see the impact of member’s work throughout the year.

The book features images that were chosen as winners in the group’s monthly photo contest, and while it’s not available for purchase, the photographs can be seen on the BPG website. 

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“Each month we have three different themes that anyone can contribute to and then after an informal voting process we would select the top two or three images in each category and then that collection of images was put together into a book that was made available to the membership,” Teran said in a phone call.

Teran said that BPG is aiming to expand the group’s outreach and membership in 2020.

Teran said that while they have a large membership of photographers from every level of experience, the group’s main goal is to provide photographic education opportunities and foster a community of photographers. 


“I think that one of the things that we can do better is reaching people like that who aren’t necessarily looking to go out and buy an expensive camera to take a photo, they’re OK with what they’re getting from their cell phones,” Teran said.

In addition to the BPG’s monthly meetings the group also hosts several mini-clinics and classes, which focus on specific educational themes such as composition and lighting, monthly outings and guest presenters.

These opportunities, according to Teran, to gather and learn together is a way for photographers to grow individually and as a group for far less than workshop or photography class as the group membership is only $40 annually.


"I think our core audience is really budding photographers or they've been doing pictures for a while but they kind of want to figure out how to get their pictures to look a little better and get that pop to them, and I think that's the type of audience that we want to focus in on the coming year and attract some more of those people, because they probably don't even realize that there is a group in their neighborhood, basically in their backyard, for them, and that the barrier for entrance is a very inexpensive price with a wealth of information for them," Teran said.

More information about the Brentwood Photography Group and upcoming events can be found here.