Brentwood Planning Commission

The Brentwood Planning Commission unanimously approved the following items within the consent agenda on Monday where the only new business was the approval of the 2020 Planning Commission calendar and the department’s Monthly Security Report.

Revised Building Elevations for Eat the Frog Fitness for the addition of an aluminum storefront with clear glass and black mullions, and the addition of Alucobond metal panels above the storefront in a natural color. 

Revised Preliminary Plan for the Witherspoon Subdivision that proposes the locations of the required Cluster Box Units (CBU’s) for Sections five through eight. The CBU’s are located in the cul-de-sac islands in Fordham Dr. (Sec. 5), Berwyn Ct. (Sec. 6), Edenwilde Dr. (Sec. 7) and Joslin Ct. (Sec. 8). 

Hillside Overlay Review for the Witherspoon Subdivision, Section Four, Lot 45, 9248 Lehigh Drive, Zoning OSRD.

Revised Site Plan – Sonic Drive-In Store #4193 for a Car Hop Expansion that includes he enclosure of a portion of at the front of the existing building having an area of 160 square feet to expand the carhop area.  The existing building area is 1,437 square feet. With the improvements the area of the building will be 1,597 square feet. The proposal also includes new windows, doors, and building materials on the front portion of the building that match existing. Updated landscaping in the front of the building is also being proposed. A similar building modification was completed earlier in 2019 for the store located at 1618 Franklin Road. 

Revised Preliminary Plan for Brentwood County Club, Lot 102 that, according to the agenda, abandons an 11 foot wide (994 SF) portion of the Golfers Easement located to the rear of Lot 102. The applicant plans to erect a covering over an existing at grade patio. The excess open space for the project increases by approximately 0.02 acres to 16.79 acres.  The reason for the increase is related to the decrease in the area of the Golfers Easement, resulting in an change in the area of the required open space for the project. Because the proposal affects the open space for the project, approval of the revised OSRD Development Plan is required by the Board of Commissioners. 

Revised Final Plat for the Brentwood Country Club, Lot 102 that abandons approximately 11 feet (944 square feet) of the golfer’s easement behind the house located at 5132 Herschel Spears Circle.  

Temporary Model Home/Sales Office in Edenbrook Estates, Lot 11, 9500 Edenbrook Court. The request asks to use the building as a temporary model home / sales office.  The proposed hours of operation would be Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The garages will be built out to include two offices, a conference room and an ADA accessible restroom. Vehicle parking will be accommodated in the driveway of the home. An accessible space is provided at the end of the driveway. The home is currently under construction. Building permits were issued on March 19, 2019.  The home includes an area of 7,806 square feet.

Revised Site Plan for Brentwood Auto Wash that requests approval to add vacuum units with pay stations to the site. 

Revised Building Elevations for Merchants Walk, 4932 Thoroughbred Lane which requests changes including painting the existing red brick an off white color; painting the existing canopy with alternating black and white stripes; removal of the existing wood lattice, and resurfacing the parking lot. According to the agenda, the project is split by the City/County boundary.  Only a portion of Building Two is in Brentwood.

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