09122020 Brentwood Arson vehicle of interest

Vehicle of interest in a Sept. 12, 2020 fire outside of a Brentwood home that police are investigating as a case of arson.

The Brentwood Police Department has had no tips submitted in an investigation that was sparked after an object was thrown at a home in September.

The incident was called a hate crime by some local activist groups, and was investigated by police as a case of arson.

According to BPD Assistant Chief Richard Hickey, the department has received no tips from citizens after they released footage of the incident and a vehicle of interest.

"We've been surprised how little response we got from the public," Hickey said in a phone call on Wednesday. "We thought we would get some phone calls even if they were phone calls that turned out to be nothing, about a vehicle or something like that, but we've gotten no calls at all."

As previously reported, the incident took place on Sept. 12 when the object, believed to be a type of firework, set fire to landscaping outside of a Brunswick Drive home, an incident that was being investigated as an act of arson. 

Hickey said that the department has not ruled out anything at this point, adding that is still an active investigation.

BPD released video from a neighbor's home security camera showing a white sedan in the area at the time of the explosion and they hope that someone will recognize who might have committed the crime that resulted in minimal damage to the home and no injures to the family, who are African American. 

Police ask that anyone with information about the vehicle, the driver or the incident to call the Brentwood Police Department at 615-371-0160 or Crime Stoppers of Williamson County at 615-794-4000.

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