Five students from Brentwood High School and one from Currey Ingram Academy recently enjoyed an adventure in a winter wonderland north of Ely, Minnesota, and near the Canadian border that featured dog sledding, cross country skiing and “a ton of snow.”

“It was a great experience,” said Jack Rittler, a junior at Brentwood High and one of five Eagle Scouts who embarked on the five-night trip the first week of January. “It was very cold up there and there was a ton of snow. We got to do pretty much everything [on the itinerary], and more.”

In addition to dog sledding, cross country skiing and other winter activities, the group had the opportunity to build and sleep in snow cave-like structures called quinzhees.

The destination is known officially as the Northern Tier High Adventure Base, one of four High-Adventure Bases established by the Boy Scouts of America. Others are the Summitt Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean, W.Va., Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico, and Florida Sea Base in Islamorada, Florida.

Along with Rittler, other Brentwood High juniors and Eagle Scouts making the trek were Kent Babe, James Smith, Trent McNeilly and Sean Glasgow. Also on the trip was R.J. Fort from Currey Ingram.

Adult leaders were Andrew Rittler and Matthew Smith, scoutmasters from Troop 418 and Troop 93, respectively.

Be sure to check out the gallery of photos above taken by Andrew Rittler.