Bike lane proposal Granny White Pike Brentwood

The City of Brentwood will hold a public informational meeting on Thursday, Feb. 20, to discuss the possibility of adding bike lanes along both sides of Granny White Pike.  

According to a news release, the Brentwood Public Works Department will pave Granny White Pike later in the year, and the city is considering the addition of bike lanes along the road between Foxland Drive and Brentwood Academy. 

“Given the heavy pedestrian use of the existing sidewalk, bike lanes would allow cyclists safer access to the schools, parks, and commercial areas along or adjacent to this corridor," City Manager Kirk Bednar said in the news release.

The addition of bike lanes along Granny White Pike was a recommendation from the Ad Hoc Bike and Pedestrian Committee and is consistent with the 2030 Plan which includes a policy that all neighborhoods within one mile of a school should have safe bike and pedestrian access to area schools.

In the fall of 2019, the city authorized an agreement with the engineering firm Kimley Horn to explore the feasibility of implementing on-street bike lanes from Powell Park to Granny White Park. 

The firm is proposing three options, all of which would be accomplished by adjusting the lane striping within the existing curbs and no new construction.

The bike lane options under consideration are as follows: 

Option 1 would provided four-foot-wide bike lanes with a three-foot-wide striped buffer area between the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane. 

Vehicle travel lanes would be 11 feet wide.

This option would eliminate the center turn lane along most of the corridor, but left turn lanes would still be maintained at all intersections. At the intersections where turn lanes are provided, the buffer area would be eliminated, and the bike lanes would be reduced to three feet in width.

Option 2 provide three-foot-wide bike lanes with no buffer area between the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane. This option would keep the center turn lane and intersection turn lane but reduce the vehicle travel lane widths to ten feet.

Option 3 would be to keep the road striping the same as it is today, with no bike lanes added.

The city will host an informal, drop-in style open house in the second floor annex room in City Hall on Feb. 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for residents to review the proposed options and voice thoughts on the plans. 

Residents are encouraged to drop in at their convenience and discuss the plan with City engineers, engineers from Kimley-Horn and other staff. If residents cannot attend the meeting and want to voice their thoughts, please email the City at

Brentwood City Hall located at 5211 Maryland Way.

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