Brentwood Police headquarters Spring 2021

Brentwood Police headquarters Spring 2021

In their quarterly report, the Brentwood Emergency Communications District (ECD) provided details on the emergency calls made in the city from April to June of 2022. 

The ECD fields all incoming emergency and non-emergency calls in the city. Staff dispatches all Brentwood police and fire calls. All calls requiring medical assistance are transferred to Williamson County Emergency Communications.

Dispatchers for the city work around the clock and the call lines are open 24 hours every day. There are currently 12 full-time dispatchers working for the city.

From April to June, 12,418 calls were answered. The calls were made to either 9-1-1 or administration. On average, calls were answered within four seconds or about one full ring. 

Approximately 93 percent of the 9-1-1 calls came from cell phones, which are significantly harder to locate than landline phones.

The busiest call time during a day was between 1-2 p.m. and the slowest was between 4-5 a.m. The average phone call lasted 119 seconds.

The Brentwood Police Department had a total of 7,094 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) responses created, Brentwood Fire and Rescue had 1,122 and there were 412 non-dispatched CAD calls. This totals 8,676 CAD responses for the quarter.

For more information on the ECD, click here.