After a year off, 11-AAA has a spring soccer district champion. 

The Brentwood Bruins (14-2-2) and Franklin Admirals (8-3) played for the District 11-AAA crown at Ravenwood High School Thursday night at Ravenwood, one Brentwood would take 3-0.

The Bruins got the scoring started off early and held onto the lead for the remainder of the game. 

“It’s good to win,” said Brentwood coach Mike Purcell. “We bent, but we didn’t break. I was surprised that we got up because of how hard Franklin was playing. Defensively we played very good, offensively we did what we had to do to get the win.”

The Bruins scored in the third minute, as Aiden Parker hopped on a pass that allowed him to get behind the defense.

After this, Franklin did not let the slow start affect them. The Admirals continued to pressure the Bruins at every chance they could, and continued to do this for the rest of the first half.

“We got the early goal in the first minutes, then Franklin pressed the whole first half,” said Purcell.

The rest of the first half was filled with great defense and goalkeeping from both Aiden Moss of Franklin and Logan Stegall of Brentwood. Both made their fair share of saves to keep the game within reach.

“They’ve played good defense,” said Purcell. “Stegall is there, but he hasn’t really been called upon to make great saves. It’s the three guys in the back that have been key to keeping us from getting scored on. I’m very pleased with the solid defense in general.”

The second half began the same way that the first did. Brentwood’s Parker found the back of the net again in the third minute once again to double the Bruins' lead.

Regardless of the score, Franklin still maintained the pressure just like the first half.

Even though Franklin kept the pressure up, the Bruins would score one final goal in the 53rd minute. This time it was Reid McAdams, who took advantage of a ball that wasn’t cleared out of the area.

“They play with a back three and they’ve got a really good central center back,” said Franklin coach Mike Burgoyne. “We game planned against that. We felt that we didn’t play well the first game. We felt that we were way too direct, too many balls in the air. We did play better at times and did what we wanted to do, it just wasn’t the outcome that we wanted.”

After neither of these teams were able to play last season, the two titans of the district played an exciting game to watch. There is even a chance that these teams could meet again later in the playoffs. 

 “They played similarly to what they did in the first game,” said Purcell. “We just happened to get the break we needed at the time we needed it. We played good enough defense to keep them out of the goal. It was a total team effort.” 

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