The Brentwood City Commission has taken the next steps in securing the city’s first inclusive playground during its Monday night Board of Commissioners meeting.

The resolution was unanimously approved to enter into an agreement with the engineering firm Kimley-Horn for the site development phase of the project.

According to, an online resource on how to develop an accessible playground and where to find accessible playgrounds, an inclusive playground not only allows for wheelchair access, but are “designed specifically to ensure that children of all abilities can play together.”

Last July the Rotary Club of Brentwood, Brentwood Rotary Club Charitable Foundation and the city entered into a fundraising agreement for the playground planned for Granny White Park.

Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar said the Brentwood Rotary Club will soon kick off a public fundraising effort that aims to raise at least $250,000.

"Our goal is that while they're raising those funds over the next six month or so, we can do the design work," Bednar said. "And if their fundraising efforts are successful, we may be in a position to start construction in the fall of this year with a hopefully opening of the spring of 2022."

The city included the item in their fiscal year 2021 budget (page 64) for a budgeted $1.875 million for inclusive playgrounds in Granny White and Crockett Parks over the next four years within the Capital Improvements Program.

The budgeted money would cover initial planning and preliminary engineering efforts for the first playground, while construction funding is currently expected to be included in the fiscal year 2022 budget.

According to the online agenda, Kimley-Horn is currently working on an inclusive playground project in Dickson and one in Goodlettsville and has worked with the city on several projects in the past.

The $88,700 agreement is broken down into five tasks for the project:

Task 1 Project Coordination Services and Meetings $18,900

Task 2 Construction Plans $53,800

Task 3 Permitting $7,900

Task 4 Bid Phase Services $6,700

Task 5 Construction Kickoff Meeting $1,400

The board also approved a $10,000 contingency allowance for any unforeseen additional service needs that could arise during the design phase of the site. The actual design of the playground equipment will be handled through a separate RFP process with equipment suppliers.

Monday night's commission meeting can be viewed in full here.