Fire station 5 3D image.jpg

The City of Brentwood will break ground on their newest fire station on Friday.

Brentwood Fire and Rescue Station No. 5 will service the southeastern portion of the city when it opens on Split Log Road as early as Fall 2022.

The city previewed the future two-story fire station in a public meeting in April, and the project is expected to cost $9 million.

Brentwood Fire Station 5 Exterior views.jpg

"We are very excited to get this started and we know that when we average our aggregate numbers city-wide, as far as our response time and our effectiveness, that this station will have a dramatic impact," BFR Chief Brian Goss said in that meeting.

The project began in 2018 when the Brentwood City Commission approved plans to purchase the property for $685,000, and now the city will begin construction.