Brentwood Board of Commissioners, March 2022

The city of Brentwood has opted to annex several Williamson County properties near its urban growth boundary for the sake of a proposed residential development.

Six parcels of land straddling Sam Donald Road on its north and south account for just over 184 acres positioned against the southern border with Nolensville. The land is currently under construction, and the City Commission is scheduled to open the floor at its May 9 meeting for discussion regarding the prospect of annexing the land. The Brentwood City Commission unanimously approved a resolution this week to authorize the public hearing and to draft a plan of services for the land.

The city commission also has a proposal to development 76 lots as a future subdivision on a third of the land that will be discussed on May 9. City Manager Kirk Bednar recommended annexation be accomplished before the development is finished.

This comes after the city recently took steps to annex other nearby property also north of Sam Donald, northeast of Split Log Road. Each property is zoned Municipal Growth Area 1, which allows development under applicable county zoning codes.

“This is a — I guess ‘extension’ is the right word — of other annexations that are currently underway,” Bednar said.

The City Commission opened the floor for similar public hearings at the beginning of this week’s meeting regarding the proposed annexation and plan of services for about 122 acres referred to as the Rosebrooke East properties — belonging to a J & M Albright, June Albright and R.H. Adcock-Moskal — and another 86.5 acres designated as the four Rosebrooke South properties belonging to separate owners: Split Log Farms, LLC.; the Bruce Sudano 2015 Family Trust; Michael and Lynette Culbreth and John A. and Norma D. McArthur.

The Culbreth and McArthur families have reportedly agreed to annexation already according to city staff despite the original development plan for the proposed subdivision featuring their properties as enclaves to remain as county land.

The 122 acres of the Rosebrooke East properties account for 74 lots planned for development, and the 86.5 acres of the Rosebrooke South properties account for 47 more lots to be developed. In tandem with the 184 acres whose annexation will be up for discussion in May, a total of 197 lots will be built for the project in question.

This course of action was initially prompted by the city receiving petitions for annexation of the area from those who want the area to be incorporated into the Brentwood municipality. These properties all juxtapose the Rosebrooke Subdivision, which sits on a property annexed into Brentwood by way of a 2020 resolution.

Relatedly, as of Dec. 13, 2021, the City Commission also passed legislation contracting design services out to Sullivan Engineering, Inc. for a road improvement project for Split Log Road.