Brentwood Inclusive Playground Community Meeting July 2021

The City of Brentwood will a hold community meeting on Tuesday, July 27, to gather public input on the city's first inclusive playground that is planned for 2022.

According to a city news release, the meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the Granny White Park Pavilion, where community members will be presented with the playground design plans and will have the opportunity to give their input on the project, following an online public comment period on the project that was held in the spring.

"We also hope to hear from the community, those who will use the park, live close to it, or perhaps are just interested in the project," Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar said in a news release. "We want everyone’s input on what will make this first-of-its-kind playground perfect for Brentwood."

According to, an online resource on how to develop an accessible playground and where to find accessible playgrounds, an inclusive playground not only allows for wheelchair access, but are “designed specifically to ensure that children of all abilities can play together.”

The playground has been budgeted for by the city, who also hired a consultant for the engineering and design phases of the project, and the Brentwood Rotary Club's Charitable Foundation has also been raising money for the project, along with a sponsorship plan created by the Rotary Inclusive Playground Committee.

"The Rotary Club of Brentwood’s members love serving our community. The Rotary motto is 'Service Above Self' and when we partnered with the City of Brentwood to build an inclusive playground, we began to dream big, launching a $2 million-dollar fundraising effort to build at least one, and possibly two, unique playgrounds for children of all abilities," President of the Rotary Club of Brentwood President Betsy Crossley said in the news release. "With help from our caring community, we plan to reach that fundraising goal this year.” 

Any community members who wish to contribute to the fundraiser can do so here.

"We are excited to be taking this next step in the progress," Rotary Club of Brentwood's Inclusive Playground Committee Chairperson Sarah Johnson added. "We invite anyone to attend this meeting who wants to help with the project, whether through future use, donations, or possibly helping in other ways.”

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