The City of Brentwood continued their long-standing tradition of handing out candy to tricker treaters at City Hall although this year it took place on the morning of Nov. 1 after rain and cold temperatures dampened many Halloween festivities across Middle Tennessee on Thursday. 

About 60 children from Academy of Maryland Farms along with their parents and instructors lined up in with baskets and bags in hand and sporting costumes of everything from princesses and superheroes to firefighters and owls to meet local first responders and of course get lots of candy. 

City Manager Kirk Bednar said that the annual event has been held for at least the last decade and is a great way for city employees to meet with local children and businesses and help celebrate every sweet-tooth’s favorite holiday.

“This is just something that our employees get a kick out of doing and it’s a great way for us to give back to the community and connect with our neighbors,” Bednar said. “I think this just says that this is what Brentwood is. Obviously we’re in the middle of an office park but we still have a little bit of a family feel when we have events like this.”

Academy of Maryland Farms Director Michele Carrizales said that the traditional trick or treat event has been a great opportunity for the preschool because of both the proximity to City Hall and the willingness of the city to want to engage with the children of Brentwood.

“We’re really lucky that we’re so close to participate and they put on an event that so great,” Carrizales said. “I think it’s great too how that our community is coming together especially for our preschoolers.” 

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